Are you looking to just survive, or thrive in 2021? Now is the time to take action.


Are you looking to just survive, or thrive in 2021? Now is the time to take action.

Are you an independent freight agent? Get ahead of the game. Request For Pricing (RFP) season is fast approaching. Imagine if you had a dedicated team that worked to give you in-depth pricing analysis and guidance when submitting long-term pricing.Trinity’s Pricing and Procurement Team does all of this. You have 100 lanes? 1,000 lanes? No problem. Our Team can do the heavy lifting that can come with any RFP.

We know that capacity will continue to be challenging in 2021. How do you combat this, come out on top, and thrive? Carriers have trusted Trinity for over 40 years because of our people-centric approach, transparency, strong brand recognition, and reputation. In today’s freight business you must have cutting edge tools that give you instant access to in-house and external carrier networks. Trinity Logistics does this and more.

In this industry we realize the importance of speed, urgency, and efficiency in your business. It is imperative that you are getting what you need in the time that you need it, right? That is why we have streamlined the new carrier and new customer credit processes to ensure your business continues to move forward. Waiting hours or days for an approval can severely diminish, if not completely eliminate, the opportunity for you to land a new customer or foster a new carrier relationship. The last thing that you want to hear is, “Sorry, we could not wait to hear back from you and went with another offer”.  

At Trinity Logistics, we have in-house experts that will guide you through new service offerings and opportunities for your business to be able to grow. You will have access to Trinity’s operational support teams to handle LTL, Intermodal, Expedited, Air, and other non-traditional freight modes to further enhance your abilities with your customers.  Putting you in a position to be a trusted advisor to your customer is our focus. This can open up an entirely new stream of income for your business.  

At Trinity Logistics our operational support takes a personal approach to your success.  We are determined to help you build a business that not only is predictable but can be duplicated over and over again. We are vested in your success and get to know your business inside and out through our dedicated Agent Support Team. If you are open to seeing an impact to your bottom line in 2021, don’t wait, connect with us now.

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Author: Rich Clark