January 2020

Flowenka Enterprises LLC

“To Jay: I just wanted to say thank you for all the great service Flowenka Enterprises has provided to my team. We need more carriers like you in this industry. It has been a great pleasure working with you.”

-Malena, Trinity Authorized Agent

All State Transport LLC

“All State Transport has worked out to be a very dependable carrier for me. He’s gone above and beyond to ensure loads are done in a timely manner. This has resulted in him being able to grab an extra load per day during the time I ran this specific lane. I’ve used him as a regular for other local jobs as well!”

-Elias, Trinity Authorized Agent

Shaffer Timber Company LLC

“Awesome group of guys to work with. It’s nice when you can give someone a load and do not have to worry about it. These guys go the extra mile to make sure your customer is happy and that they have fulfilled their job. The driver of one truck dispatches the other. It makes it really nice to have a truck driver helping the other driver through whatever he needs. Had such a great week and they believe they are going to add another truck to help us out. Great group and a great relationship to have. Thank you, Shaffer Timber Company.”

-Quincey, Trinity Authorized Agent

Leonid Almagner Gongora

“Leonid Almagner Gongora has been on top of making things happen. He is one of the first in line to start the morning and is quick from A to B. Highly recommend!”

-Elias, Trinity Authorized Agent

Jaspreet Kaur

“I’ve worked with Mike for a long time, under another MC number, and he was recently able to get his own. He is always able to make a truck available to me, no matter the circumstances. He is easy to negotiate with and a good communicator. I love being a part of the process when a carrier “graduates” to his own company. I like to think that Trinity helped in providing the confidence and opportunity to accomplish that on a small scale.”

-Carrie, DE RSC