November 2019

E Martinez Trucking LLC

Richard Martin

“This new carrier has been everything we look for. They are on time, courteous, accessible at all times, paperwork on time, just a pleasure to work with. They have helped us already on some new customer freight and have stayed running with one of our top carriers now for two weeks. I wish we had 100 like him, would make our life a lot easier.”

-Quincey, Trinity Authorized Agent

4 Winds Transportation LLC

“Jim at 4 Winds Transport has been excellent to work with, always good communication and excellent service. He did 6 loads in a row for me from AR to IN and was never late on shipping or delivery side. We move a lot of freight out of this area so I am very excited to have another great carrier that I can call on for loads out there.”

-Erik, Trinity Authorized Agent

Mundie Family Farms Incorporated

“This new carrier is the friend of another family owned company, who have always been stellar for us. We had a few loads very tight on a Friday that we needed to get out. This carrier stepped right up and out on a Friday evening to help us out and we never looked back.  Great drivers, great service, the pleasure is all on this side of the phone.”

-Quincey, Trinity Authorized Agent

Ismael Machada Hernandez

“Working with Esmeralda is like a dream. She is constantly watching the boards and checking in. Once I get her on a load, her driver is always prepared and early. She is diligent at reporting back on her drivers load in and load out and the same efficiently on the delivery side. IF there is an issue she is quick to communicate with me and ready to help resolve it. Esmeralda is a top notch partner and I look forward to our continued partnership and ensuring that Trinity loads are executed with logistical excellence.”

-Monica, Trinity Authorized Agent