Brian Richardson: The Singing Salesman

We take pride in our people. Our dedicated team is ultimately the reason we have a successful business. Trinity team members put the customer first – always. We’d like to begin spotlighting some of our stellar salespeople here on our blog, so that you can get a taste of who you could be working with if you decided to do business with us. This week, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to Brian Richardson, National Sales Manager. We sat down with Brian and asked him a few questions.

1. How long have you been with Trinity, and how did you end up here?

I have been in sales since my early twenties. Most people don’t realize I’m already in my thirties, thanks to my youthful good looks. I started out by selling advertisements in the Yellow Pages (for those of you who don’t remember, people formerly used these things called “phone books”) and then I moved on to a career as an insurance agent. Almost two years ago, I started working here at Trinity. Although the product I’m approaching customers with is different, the core values remain the same: I need to meet my customers’ needs and build a relationship with them that’s based on trust.

2. What has been your favorite thing about working at Trinity?

By far, the relationships and camaraderie that I’ve built with my peers. Another perk is that there always seems to be some birthday cake or otherwise sugary treats at my disposal. It seems like we’re always celebrating something.

3. Obviously, music is important to you. What kind of music do you play and where?

Well, after the band I was in, N’Sync, broke up, I had to venture off on my own. This completely changed my style, and I started writing and singing a lot of my own acoustic, alternative music, as well as modern Christian worship music. I currently lead worship once a week in a coffeehouse setting. I also sing at weddings.

4. What’s something you think your customers immediately notice about you?

I would like to think they immediately notice my easygoing nature, my honesty, and my unwavering eagerness to help them with their needs.

5. What do you think Trinity has to offer our customers that our competitors do not?

Trinity really takes ownership of their accounts. We go the extra mile, always doing what needs to be done and more – whether that’s reevaluating our rates, designing solutions for freight cost, ensuring truck availability through our partnerships, or just being their one-stop shop for whatever options they need to move their freight.

6. You’re known around the office for your sense of humor. Tell us a joke!

My two year old son told me this joke yesterday: What is a cow’s favorite class in school? Moooooosic! (That’s all I could come up with. I’m more of a stand-up guy.)

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Brian! Want to chat with him about your shipping needs? You can email him by clicking here or follow him on Twitter (@Trinity_BRich). Be on the lookout for another salesperson spotlight soon!