Celebrating and Supporting Independent Agent Offices

04/19/2022 by Jennifer Hoffman

Celebrating and Supporting Independent Agent Offices

If you’ve seen any of the news headlines throughout 2021, you’ve seen how supply chains continually face ongoing stress and disruption from the contiued covid-19 pandemic, labor and product shortages, port congestion, and more. However, even during stressful times such as these, many of our Independent Freight Agent offices have continued to excel. How did our Independent Freight Agent offices continue to thrive in such difficult times? At Trinity, we make sure to work together and support. In 2022, Trinity is giving out more awards, prizes, and trips than ever before. 

Celebrating Our Platinum Agents

Trinity’s Agents can achieve the distinction of being recognized as a Platinum Agent, but what does this mean? A Platinum Agent title is earned by Trinity’s Authorized Agents who are excelling in the field. It is the highest recognition an Authorized Agent with Trinity can achieve, based on revenue and load count totals. Each year we recognize these Platinum Agents, giving them the royal treatment for their hard work. 

Celebrating Agent Office Achievements

Every year our Agent Support Team sends out awards and recognition plaques to the Authorized Agents who had an amazing growth year – and they sent out more boxes than ever this year! With the support of a broker, like Trinity Logistics, Independent Freight Agents can focus on what they do best – move freight. In addition, because our elite Agent Support team takes care of the back-end support, Authorized Agent offices in our network can focus on growing their business. And in 2021, they did just that! We were even able to recognize our Agents’ contribution to a huge company milestone, with a car giveaway. Check out Kelly’s surprise when we showed up at his door to tell him he won the drawing.

Here are some of the highlights our Agents accomplished this year:

  • A record number of Authorized Agents reached Platinum status – the highest level of achievement for an Independent Freight Agent at Trinity, which rewards volume and growth.
  • 70 percent of Authorized Agent Offices in Trinity’s network reached $1 million, or more, in sales – with many reaching multi-million-dollar levels.

Independent Agent Awards and Perks

Trinity offers the best support possible for Independent Freight Agent Offices that are growing but also some awards and recognition as well. Our Agents are like family to us, and we love to celebrate them when they reach their goals. Listed below are some of the rewards we offer to our Authorized Agents: 

  • Plaques and trophies
  • Company branded apparel – who doesn’t love a good jacket or hat?
  • Trips – our Platinum Agencies receive full travel accommodations, including flights and hotel accommodations for the owner and a guest to our annual Agent conference. In 2022, we’re going to New Orleans! 
  • Gifts – we recently sent out a gift to every single Agency owner and their Team Members to celebrate such a fantastic year. We also send gifts every year to our Authorized Freight Agent offices.
  • Appreciation – each year, Trinity sets aside a day called “Agent Appreciation Day” – with celebrations including gifts, lunches, videos, and recognition. We honor our Authorized Freight Agents every day, but we take this one special day to play it up big. 

Supporting Independent Freight Agent Offices

While all these gifts and perks are great benefits to being part of Trinity’s Authorized Freight Agent network, that’s not all we offer. Trinity has over 30 years of experience aiding the success of our Authorized Freight Agent offices, and offer many extras for our Authorized Agent network. Hear from Chris Bergman, one of Trinity’s Authorized Agents, about his success story and how Trinity has helped him get to where he is today.

We realize you have a choice in who you’d like to partner with in your business. However, if what you’re looking for is a long-term partnership that is supportive of your growth, offers you continued education to remain competitive, and most of all, is made up of a Team of people who are passionate, dedicated, and striving for excellence, then Trinity Logistics may be the Freight Agent program for you. 

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By: Jennifer Hoffman