December Industry News Update

Every month, we’ll be sharing some of the top stories in logistics and transportation right here in our blog. here’s a look at some of the top industry stories making headlines in December.

ELD Update

As of December 18, the long-awaited ELD rule is finally mandatory for most commercial motor vehicle drivers. Moving forward, commercial drivers who use paper logs are required to transition to electronic logging devices.

Truckers who do not have an ELD in place will be fined and cited. However, earlier in the year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced that trucks without ELDs will not be placed out of service until April 1, 2018. In addition, the violation will not affect a carrier’s CSA score until April 1.

This mandate applies to most commercial motor vehicle drivers, however there are some exceptions. To read about exemptions, short-haul fleets and ELDs, load planning, and next steps. Click here.

Spot van, reefer rates retreat from record highs

National average spot truckload rates for van and reefer freight eased down from record highs during the week ending Dec. 16. The number of available loads increased 2.4 percent while available capacity dipped 7.5 percent. As a national average, van rates fell two cents after hitting a three-year high. Concerns about the capacity due to the ELD mandate may change seasonal rate trends.

Read more about rates here.

Canada Announces ELD proposal as US Mandate Takes Hold

As the ELD mandate takes effect in the United States, Canada has published its own first draft of rules that would require the devices for truck drivers. Once finalized, the mandate will be rolled out within two years. While the mandate would only apply to federally regulated commercial vehicles, it is encouraged that local governments should enact their own ELD mandates.

Read more about Canada’s ELD announcement here.

CVSA Asks for Updates to Inspection-Report Process for Digital Age

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has requested attention be paid to an “unnecessary administrative burden that is impacting both the enforcement community and the motor carrier industry”. The CVSA is speaking to the current processing of inspection reports that happen after an inspection by law enforcement during which defects are found. Currently, reports are submitted mostly on paper to the issuing jurisdiction. An electronic system for the process would relieve the paperwork burden of the current system.

Read more about CVSA’s request to move toward an electronic system for inspection report process here.

Trump Says Train Derailment Bolsters Case for Infrastructure Plan

President Trump said an Amtrak passenger train derailment that killed at least six people bolster his case for investing in the nations crumbling infrastructure. The $1 trillion proposal will include upgrades to roads, bridges, airports, and other public infrastructure.

Read more here.

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