Flatbed 101

Selecting flatbed providers for your transportation needs can be a difficult decision.  There’s a lot of information you need to know, and sometimes it’s easier to just leave it to the experts. Trinity Logistics is here to help you make those decisions.Below are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re selecting a flatbed provider on your own:


• Know which type of flatbed will work to your advantage.

Use flatbed for your truckload freight!

Flatbed: Can haul almost anything that can be stacked and strapped down

Try using stepdeck for your truckload freight.

Stepdeck: Similar to flatbed, but the floor drops down; useful for hauling product with tall heights

We can offer Conestoga to statisfy your truckload shipping needs!

Conestoga: Accordion-style canvas; takes up at least 6 feet in deck space when pulled back

Specialty trailers: Double drop, landoll, RGN, hot shot

• Know the accessorials required when transporting your freight. These could include pipe stakes, coil racks, dunnage, side kit, or tarps (4 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet).

• Know the regulations and restrictions with overweight and over-dimensional freight. Each state has different weight and height restrictions, and some states do not allow same-day permits for overweight and/or over-dimensional shipments.

Trinity Logistics has freight consultants that specialize in truckload shipping and are knowledgeable in these areas to help you choose a flatbed provider for your specific needs!  Knowing the different options and requirements for shipping your particular freight will protect and keep your freight moving from origin to destination with no problems. When you work with Trinity, your flatbed needs are covered.