Go For the Gold! Customer Service That Deserves a Medal

The Summer Olympics are well underway in London, and the entire world is buzzing over the medalists. At the time of this blog, China is leading the boards with 9 Golds! The United States is right behind them creeping steadily. One of the best images from the Olympic games so far is this one of Chinese air rifle shooter Yi Siling giving the first medal awarded a little taste (courtesy of the International Business Times). She had worked so hard to beat the Polish Sylwia Bogacka out of the running, and no doubt wanted to make certain the medal was legit and not filled with milk chocolate! She wanted to be dazzled by the feel of her reward that she'd worked hard to achieve, the reward she deserved!

Your customers can't chomp down on your service, but they definitely expect to be dazzled by your service. People want fast service, lots of options, and instant gratification. This is the new expectation, and you'd better be prepared to go for the gold! In service that is. Make a habit out of advancing the level of your customer service in every interaction with your client base. Here are a few secrets of providing this level of service from our Trinity team. I hope they serve as inspiration and motivation to your team.

Take Control

You can’t control what happens.  You can control your response.  That’s what gives you the power.

In business today, it seems that everything is supposed to happen right now.  When urgency is the norm, people tend to carry that attitude to all tasks.  Often you can take control by suggesting timing for completion, rather than assuming that response to the customer must be instantaneous.

You take control by having paperwork organized, by doing what needs to be done in an orderly fashion, rather than helter/skelter, by reaching out and getting help or telling it like it is, rather than covering up.

You take control by accepting responsibility for the call.  Even if it is out of your area, finding the answer, rather than starting the customer down a long line of frustrating call transfers.  You take control by following up to make sure the customer received satisfaction and taking the lead to solution if they have not.

Don't Make Empty Promises

It’s so tempting to tell a customer everything is all right, even when you know there is a problem.  Don’t take the bait!  Once the customer feels they cannot trust your word, you’re on the way out.  Even worse is if you begin making unnecessary promises that are then broken.  Keep your word, keep your integrity, keep your customer.

Make Them Feel Special

We are all a lot more understanding with people we know personally.  In addition, have you ever noticed how people do business with people they like or are friends with? The result of special relationships is usually preferred treatment.  Remembering a birthday, celebrating anniversaries of years of service to a customer, holiday or thank you gifts are all good moves.  When the customized service gives you a business edge, you’re really on the right track.

Adjust Your Lens

Even if your view is totally accurate, it may not be the same view seen or felt from the customer’s perspective.  Listen carefully to why the customer is dissatisfied.  Get beneath the symptoms to the real crux of the matter and solve it.  Make sure the customer doesn’t feel like they are talking to a brick wall! Everyone needs to feel understood, so take the time to adjust your lens.

Customer Service “Notes to Self”:

Don’t assume it must be done immediately.
Take control by suggesting a time frame to see if it’s acceptable.
Come to work with an attitude of negotiating, not annoyance.
Enjoy your customers.
Remember that some days will be better than others.