Greener Together: Trinity Logistics’s Sustainability Initiatives

04/22/2024 by Christine Morris

Greener Together: Trinity Logistics’s Sustainability Initiatives

At Trinity Logistics, we’ve always believed in doing the right thing. That concept is foundational and woven into the fabric of our company culture, from the services we provide to the impact we aim to make on the world around us. Being sustainable is an important focus for the company. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, so our sustainability initiatives are no afterthought.

The United Nations defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Our company takes that message to heart. We recognize the critical part we play in taking care of our communities, making a positive impact, and reducing our environmental footprint. We want to leave a positive legacy behind that extends beyond our logistics services. This includes our part in taking care of our environment and the communities we touch.

Here’s a glimpse into how we take action to be sustainable.

Paving the Way with SmartWay

The SmartWay program by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps companies improve supply chain sustainability and reduce transportation emissions by providing a system to track fuel and emissions so companies can select more efficient carriers and logistics strategies.

Trinity invested in a SmartWay partnership in 2008, making this our earliest sustainability initiative. This partnership enables us to access and build relationships with SmartWay-certified carriers that commit to tracking and minimizing their emissions. We’re able to leverage that network, empowering our shipper relationships to make sustainable choices by using these SmartWay-certified carriers whenever possible.

Chemical Safety with Responsible CareⓇ

Responsible CareⓇ is the chemical industry’s environmental, health, safety, and security initiative, hosted by the American Chemical Council.

Since 2009, Trinity has been a proud member of Responsible CareⓇ. Some of the ways we take this sustainability initiative into action include;

  • carrying pollution liability coverage to cover costs associated with pollution clean-up or other pollution-related liability claims;
  • stringent carrier vetting to select the right carrier with the right requirements, like being hazmat-certified;
  • ongoing required Team Member training to maintain knowledge of proper procedures, especially regarding chemical transportation.

Offsetting Our Footprint with ClimeCo

ClimeCo is a non-profit organization that helps companies offset their emissions by donating funds towards sustainable projects.

We understand that climate change is a pressing issue, so we’re committed to doing our part. In 2022, we began collaborating with Carbonfund, now known as ClimeCo. At the end of each fiscal year, we calculate the electricity usage of our owned facilities. With that calculation, ClimeCo helps us identify sustainable projects to donate to and offset the emissions we produced that year.

We’ve already made a difference by contributing to the Texas Capricorn Ridge Wind Project and N20 Abatement Project. In 2022 alone, we offset 143 tonnes of carbon emissions, and in 2023, we mitigated another offset of 90 tonnes. That’s a win for the environment and a win for future generations.  

Building Sustainability in Our Offices

Sustainability isn’t only about grand gestures; it’s about the everyday choices we make. That’s why we seek out sustainable practices within our own facilities.

We offer convenient battery recycling through a partnered vendor, ensuring they’re disposed of responsibly. We also ensure any used paint gets recycled instead of ending up in landfills.

We offer multi-stream recycling to our Team Members as well. Each Team Member has their own container to recycle any paper documents, while a large bin outside collects glass and recyclable plastics. Knowledge is power, so we educate our Team Members on proper recycling practices, too.

Our Facilities Team also aims to make sustainable purchases as often as possible. They’ve already converted any lighting in our owned offices to energy-efficient LEDs. They also focus on purchasing eco-friendly supplies that are compostable and certified sustainable. For example, they buy compostable paper plates and takeout containers for our weekly lunches.

Recognized the Power of Remote Work

We recognize the many benefits of remote work. It fosters a vibrant company culture, empowers our Team Members with greater flexibility, and contributes to a greener future. By embracing remote and hybrid work positions, we help reduce emissions from daily commutes and cut our office space requirements.

Currently, around 50 percent of our positions offer remote or hybrid options, allowing our Team Members to focus on time with their families, contribute to their communities, and be part of this impactful sustainability initiative.  

Empowering Shippers with Sustainability

For Trinity, sustainability is about more than our own initiatives. It’s also about helping our relationships find sustainable options in their supply chains.

For each shipment, we’re able to offer guidance on the most efficient transportation modes available. We offer regular business reviews to analyze our shipper relationship’s unique logistics profiles to find and suggest efficiencies. Our Team also works closely with shippers and carriers to tackle deadheading, a large contributor to carbon in the trucking industry.

Additionally, we’re always looking to explore new ways to push the sustainability envelope for our relationships. Currently, we’re looking into platforms that can help us provide our shipper relationships an extra avenue to offset their carbon emissions, too, like

Ecovadis – Recognition of Trinity’s Commitment to Sustainability

EcoVadis, a trusted and globally recognized provider of business sustainability ratings, recognizes our dedication. In 2023, they awarded us a bronze medal, placing us within the top 50 percent of companies assessed. While we acknowledge this is a significant achievement, at Trinity, we aim to continuously improve. Our sights are set on achieving a silver rating in 2024, reflecting our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

The Trinity Difference

As our mission statement says, we’re dedicated to “improving lives and supply chains by solving tough problems.” Sustainability is undeniably a complicated challenge. The good news is that our passionate Team Members at Trinity Logistics thrive on tackling tough problems and overcoming obstacles. We’re relentless in our pursuit of solutions, and we won’t stop until we’re satisfied with the results.

We understand sustainability is a never-ending journey of improvement. That’s why you can count on Trinity Logistics to remain a leader in sustainable practices. We’re constantly expanding our sustainability initiatives and deepening our commitment to a greener future.

Our dedication to sustainability is just one facet of the Trinity difference. If this is how seriously we take environmental responsibility, imagine the level of commitment we bring to solving your logistics challenges.