How To Spot A Game Changer

“You can't know everyone. You can't do everything. You can't go everywhere. We have to pick and choose between good and a little bit better.” John C. Maxwell

It doesn’t matter which industry your business operates in – the demands placed on us all make it imperative that we become very good at building a solid team around us. I’m not just talking about fellow employees, but your entire network of resources – from coworkers, to vendors, to logistics service providers. Take a look at your team – who’s in your deck of cards? Where do you need to improve in order to make your team as strong as it should be? Sometimes, the pressure of needing someone right now makes it hard to say no to “good enough.” Holding out for the “little bit better” new hire, supplier, or even logistics provider can seem unrealistic.

Let’s forget about a “little bit better.” How do you spot the best of the best – or as we at Trinity call them, “game changers”? Their skills literally change the game as you know it and make the impossible seem reachable. What’s so different about a game changer that sets them apart? What makes them so special that you have to do everything you can to recruit them to participate in your project, vision, or company? We’ve learned that there are 5 key characteristics of a “game changer”. With game changers on your team, you’re empowered to accomplish goals you’ve only dreamed of before.

A game changer has a passionate belief in the vision. They can paint a picture of what they believe success will look like in the future. To hear them talk about it, their enthusiasm is almost tangible. Most importantly, they describe the goals and steps they’re putting into place in order to meet that vision and make it a reality.

They’re unafraid to go up against any competition. You’ll often find them welcoming discussions about whomever they’re up against, not because a game changer is arrogant, but because they’re confident. They believe in their company, product, service, or cause and can rationalize intelligently how they’re the clear choice and clear winner every time. Bring on the objections and comparisons, because they’re in competition with themselves only, trying to outdo their last top performance and improve again.

They employ any and all tactics to change strategy and influence momentum. Obstacles are taken in stride. A game changer isn’t rattled when the chips are down; they’ll rally and return every time. These are the people you can go to in a pinch and they’ll always have a clever approach to offer. Ego and pride get checked at the door, they’re quick to admit mistakes or the need to adjust tactics and quickly implement the new direction to get the ball rolling again in the right direction.

They have a steadfast drive and determination to win. It’s the classic image of a bulldog with a juicy bone – a game changer can taste success and will not let you shake it from them. Remember, they’ve already bought in to the vision, and they’re going to do anything required to achieve that win. They’re able to refuel their own batteries, keep their own fires lit, and recover much easier from setbacks because they’re dedicated to win and outperform your expectations of them. They’re not happy until you’re happy.

They have a take-charge approach. Put a game changer in a room with others and assign a task. Watch them emerge as the natural leader of the group every time. Game changers are no-nonsense and begin with the end in mind. They gather all the facts, can identify what needs to be done, and quickly discern the best methods to arrive there. What’s more, they’re able to gather the other team members to rally to support the goal as well!

Take a moment to evaluate not only your direct team or department in your organization, but your suppliers. The partners you’ve aligned your company with – are they displaying the characteristics we’ve mentioned? How about your third party logistics provider? If you’d like to experience first hand what our team of dedicated game changers can do for your supply chain, we encourage you to check out our freight solutions, logistics consulting, and technology solutions, or drop us an email for a free consultation. It would be our pleasure to serve you!