Offer More Logistics Solutions as a Trinity Freight Agent

07/24/2023 by Jennifer Hoffman

Offer More Logistics Solutions as a Trinity Freight Agent

Partner with Trinity Logistics and easily expand the shipping services offered by your Freight Agency.

There are so many benefits to being an Independent Freight Agent. You have the flexibility to run your business in a way that works for you while having the support of a large brokerage behind you, you’re able to work from anywhere that has Wi-Fi, you have the potential for unlimited income, and more! The benefits of being a Freight Agent are too many to list!

There can also be challenges. One of these challenges is the feeling that you must know it all when it comes to moving freight. Perhaps you’re a truckload shipping expert that has a customer with less-than-truckload (LTL) or drayage freight to move. Maybe you know LTL like the back of your hand, but you see warehousing opportunities with one of your shipping customers.

Now, how can you learn all you need to know to serve each of your unique customer’s shipping needs while still maintaining a thriving business? One option is to hire people for your office that have expertise in all the different modes of transportation. Or, an easier and less costly option, you can partner with a freight broker that has subject matter experts in all modes at your disposal!

Expand Your Shipping Solutions with Trinity Logistics

Trinity Freight Agents have access to supportive Operations Teams that specialize in all the modes and specialized shipping services we offer:

If it’s transportation-related, Trinity has experts ready to help support and grow a Freight Agent’s business. It doesn’t stop at just educating our Freight Agents. These Operations Teams can both educate you and manage the freight! 

Our Teams Are Ready to Support Your Freight Agent Business

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Trinity has a fully trained and equipped Operations Team to handle your customer’s LTL needs. The Team handles quoting through delivery including tracking and tracing and delivery notifications. You, as the Freight Agent, maintain your customer relationship while this Team takes care of the rest! You can even give your customer direct access to our LTL operating system to quote and track shipments.   


Trinity’s Advanced Services Team is a one-stop shop for quoting any of these services. With established carrier relationships in these complex modes, this Team can quote, dispatch, and manage the cargo through transit.

Managed Services/TMS

Is your customer interested in a transportation management system (TMS)? With Trinity, you can offer just a TMS, a fully outsourced Managed Transportation solution, or anything in-between. We can fully customize a Managed Transportation solution to meet your customer’s unique needs. Now you can take your customer from solely working with you for truckload shipments to fully outsourcing their logistics to you!

Wait, Don’t Forget Our Education Team

Trinity’s internal education department, Trinity University, offers classes so you can learn all modes offered as well as sales, negotiation, technology training, and more! Virtual classes are held every month, giving you the opportunity to increase your sales skills and introduce you to any new Trinity Technology. Most importantly, we offer our Freight Agents the same opportunities as our Team Members. In addition, there are many virtual courses offered outside our monthly classes through our learning management platform. That means you can take these courses in your own time, and they cover various topics, such as leadership, cybersecurity, and customer service.

Join Trinity’s Freight Agent Network and Start Growing

We realize you have a choice of who you’d like as your Freight Agency’s partner. So now is the time to ask yourself – is your current 3PL partner offering you the support and education you need to expand your shipping services and grow your business?

If that answer is no, then perhaps Trinity Logistics may be able to help. Trinity has over 30 years of experience aiding in the success of our Freight Agent offices. We realize that Freight Agents are an integral part of Trinity’s business, which is why we aim to support and invest in our Freight Agent network to offer our relationships the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term 3PL partnership that is supportive of your growth, offers you continued education and operations support to keep you competitive, and most of all, is made up of a Team of people who are passionate, dedicated, and striving for excellence, then Trinity Logistics may be the Freight Agent program for your business.

If you feel like you’re leaving opportunities on the table because you can’t handle it all yourself, reach out to a Freight Agent representative to learn more about how Trinity’s Operations Teams can help support your business.

Call Trinity’s Agent Support Team at 800-846-3400 ext. 1908.

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