Operation Safe Driver

During the week of October 17th through the 23rd, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will host its annual Operation Safe Driver Campaign. The week will kick off with a news conference in Phoenix, AZ and is sponsored by the CVSA, FMCSA, and OSD along with other industry partners. The week will include increased enforcement to all drivers on roads that are considered to be “high crash corridors with high CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) traffic”.

Along with the enforcement efforts there will be education for commercial drivers, passenger car drivers, government officials, industry players, and the public on the hazards of operation around large trucks and buses, distracted driving, and not buckling up. For more information on events during the week please visit the CVSA website.

Truck drivers need to be aware that a large part of this initiative is increased roadside inspections. To reduce your chances of being targeted this week there are several things you should be extra careful to do, but really should be doing all the time anyway.

Please make sure you
• are buckled up
• not distracted with paperwork (or anything else) while driving
• that you drive the posted speed limit
• are NOT on your cell phone in states with hands free device laws

In 88% of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles the drivers of the passenger car, the truck, or both were at fault. This week is to crack down on ALL drivers who do not responsibly share the road or create conditions that increase the likely hood of a crash occurrence, please do not be one of those drivers.