Peter Callagy & The Tough Mudder

Who is this dapper gent crawling through the mud? That would be Peter Callagy, a member of Trinity's Business Development team at our Kansas City office. We recently sat down with Peter and asked him a few questions. Read on to find out about his Tough Mudder experience and more!

1. How long have you been with Trinity, and how did you end up here?

I’ve been with Trinity for two and a half years now. I was actually contacted by a recruiter at my alma mater, Central Missouri State, and encouraged to check out our Kansas City office. At the time, I was working in sales at a different company, in the first aid & safety industry. Trinity seemed like a great opportunity and I’m obviously glad I took it.

2. What has been your favorite thing about working at Trinity?

Probably just the family atmosphere here. Everybody looks to support each other and support every aspect of the company, and I think that’s hard to come by.

3. So it looks like you recently got a little muddy…

I recently ran the Tough Mudder, an 11.5 mile obstacle course event that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides support to soldiers coming back from overseas. It was pretty crazy – there was wall climbing, jumping off 15-foot platforms into ice-cold water, actually going through ice-filled water, climbing hills, crawling through mud… it’s similar to a basic training obstacle course. It took us about four hours. My neighbor told me about the event, and I had been interested in doing the Warrior Dash and similar, shorter events, but I dove right in and tackled the most intense race first.

4. What’s something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

I ride motorcycles. I’ve done that for about ten years. That surprises a lot of people. I was thinking about growing out a beard and wearing cut-off jean jackets to fit the bill a little better, but I don’t think that would look very good on the job. I’ve also never had a cavity! Most people don’t know that, but it’s also not very interesting…

5. What’s the first thing you think your customers notice about you?

Definitely my dedication to customer service, I would say. My number one focus is solving the problem for the customer, whether it’s just moving your standard load of freight, or getting them information on LTL or another service they aren’t familiar with. I’m very customer-focused, rather than rate- or profit-focused.

6. What do you think separates Trinity from our competitors?

Again, probably customer service. We are that company that tries their hardest to get the shipment moved no matter what and problems solved no matter what, whether it’s a big customer or small customer. I also think the family atmosphere I mentioned earlier really shines through to the customer, and it also helps us build really close relationships with customers who value that similar close-knit and supportive environment in their business.

If you'd like to get in touch with Peter, you can email him by clicking here!