Protecting Your Bottom Line – and Your Reputation

Needless to say, given the often crazy world in which we live, companies of all shapes and sizes are subject to a variety of different types of risk. By working with a reputable 3PL like Trinity Logistics, manufacturers/shippers help to minimize the amount of risk to which they expose themselves.

Some risk is financial in nature. Cash advance (COMcheck, T-Chek, etc.), illegal “double brokering,” and fraudulent paperwork scams are just three examples of activities that fall under this category.

After taking care of their priorities, many traffic departments simply do not have time to fully research and properly select carriers. As a result, unless they work with an established broker like Trinity, many of these manufacturers/shippers eventually get scammed in some way. Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars later, the victims often end up reaching out to Trinity or another quality 3PL for assistance.

In addition to being subject to direct financial risk, businesses’ reputations are frequently under attack. While a company ultimately cannot control what is said about it or what people think or feel about the firm as a result, the business can take proactive steps to, in effect, silence its critics by deciding to allow other companies to assist it with noncore functions. For example, while no manufacturer/shipper would want its customer’s freight to be transported by a carrier that had a history of major service failures, the manufacturer/shipper might not have information on a carrier’s service failure record. Large brokers like Trinity, on the other hand, because they contract with tens of thousands of carriers, often have such carrier performance data—even on small trucking companies and “owner-operators.” Therefore, Trinity and other major 3PLs are able to make more informed carrier selection decisions—thereby reducing the risk of service failure. Of course, less service failures means a happier customer and, hopefully, more business from them for you!

Please give Trinity Logistics, a Transport Topics top twenty broker, an opportunity to further assist you with the risk management process. Trinity’s corporate office may be reached by calling (800) 846-3400.