Relationships: Brokers and Carriers

I have been with Trinity for two years and have had the pleasure to work with carriers since day one in our carrier relations department.  I have learned the importance of building relationships as well as learning how I can better serve as a point of contact for any questions or concerns.  I have attended a truck driver conference, read blogs daily, and ask questions to help better understand.  I am still learning and still trying to expand my knowledge of the ever changing world of the trucking industry.  I have had the opportunity to talk to drivers that love brokers or third party logistics and those that hate the word and despise the thought of ever doing business with one.  My intentions are to bring a small insight on what we can do together instead of working against each other.  So sit back, ask questions, feel free to give me feedback, in fact I would love to hear more!

Here are a few pros of working with a third party logistics company:

  •     More lanes
  •     Access to multiple customers
  •     Opportunity to grow with an established company
  •     A reliable specialist to help find a load!  Let us do the work.
  •     Match your unique needs

What is the most common concern carriers have?

Most of the concerns that I have heard in my position of why carriers do not want to work with a broker are the rates.  The trucking industry is in a unique position; it is all about supply and demand.   As many of you know, factors that can affect rates: 

  •     Season
  •     Supply and demand
  •     Natural disasters
  •     Location
  •     Fuel cost
  •     Miles

Trinity works with both customers and carriers to provide the rates that are fair for all parties involved. Building a strong relationship does not happen overnight, it is a process; a process that Trinity strives hard to create and establish.   We want to continue to serve you and provide you with number one customer service.  We look forward to creating a long lasting relationship together.

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