September ROAD Warriors

We value our exceptional carriers that help keep our freight moving, and in order to recognize them, we created the Trinity ROAD Warrior program. Each month, Trinity employees nominate and vote for their favorite carriers that are reliable, outstanding, accountable, and dedicated.  The three carriers with the most votes receive a generous prize package that includes three #trinityROADwarrior shirts, a custom Trinity ROAD warrior model tractor trailer, and a spotlight in our Carrier of the Month email.
Reliable: A carrier that does what they say they’re going to regardless of whatever obstacles get in their way, and that have successfully executed shipments without any service failures. We can trust this carrier with sensitive freight and challenging loads.

Outstanding: A carrier that went above and beyond and was a true partner in delivering excellent service.

Accountable: A carrier that takes responsibility for their actions and backs them up with solutions.

Dedicated: A relationship carrier; one that is with us through good and bad markets offering capacity whenever they can.

september WINNERS

Mega Dispatch

Nominated by: Eric Erwin
Nominated for: Outstanding
DOT: 1869347 
Contact: Maria Schazia
Story: This carrier works with me on large partials on a regular basis.  If we miss out on the opportunity to work together on a load, we work together in order to ensure the same load is not missed the next go around.  They always have trucks in the areas they specialize in, and I can always get in touch with someone.  Overall, they are great to work with on all levels, and I would recommend them to anyone that has partial freight on the West and/or East coasts.

Lew Thompson & Son Trucking

Nominated by: Aleasha Codgill
Nominated for: Outstanding
DOT: 665224
Contact: Nick Earles
Story: Lew Thompson & Son Trucking started running a dedicated load for the Iowa office back in January of 2014. They currently run 6 to 11 loads for Trinity per week, up to 260 so far this year. Many carriers will not complete loads with multiple pickups or even consider taking them, but Nick and his drivers make these loads possible every week by holding over and deadheading trucks anywhere from 100 to 700 miles. The drivers always do their best to make all appointment times, and if any issues do happen, they keep me updated on the situation and remain professional even if the circumstances aren’t ideal. They are a growing company and they have integrity, are personable, and are always a joy to work with. 

Hillside Transport LLC

Nominated by: Kristine Sanchez
Nominated for: Outstanding
DOT: 2375636
Contact: Clifford Montry
Story: Hillside has been running for Trinity for several years. They are very detail-oriented and strive for excellence in all that they do. I know that if they have one of my loads, my customers and their receivers will get white glove service. Carrier communication with Hillside is awesome and they are always one step ahead of any issue that may arise. Overall, Hillside is just a stand up carrier