Service is Our Goal

In the supply chain industry, goals associated with production and efficiency have and always will be a mainstay.  After all, how many loads you pick up or ship and how quickly you can invoice and bill have a direct impact on your cash flow and bottom line.  Spectacular customer service, on the other hand, while seen as a good business practice, is rarely translated into a concrete goal.  Even at Trinity, in the past, we sometimes found ourselves focusing our established goals around the bottom line and load count rather than exceptional customer service.  That has changed.

This year, every member of the Trinity team has set a goal associated with providing customer service that will leave our customers and carriers saying “wow!”  One of our customer service catchphrases is “there’s not much traffic on the extra mile.”  Like many things in this business and in life, powerful and positive change isn’t going to happen by accident.  If as freight consultants we’re going to go that extra mile and provide that “wow” customer service, all of our interactions with customers and carriers must be strategic and intentional.  Each one of us must set out every single day to make your job easier and leave you with a positive experience when dealing with Trinity.

So the next time a Trinity team member helps you out of a jam with your transportation needs, or explains a new government policy and how it affects you, or takes the time to know what’s going on with you to build that relationship, please know that this wasn’t accidental.  It was, in fact, our goal!

If we’re able to provide you with service that makes you say “wow” – let us know! Send us a letter, post on our Facebook wall, tweet at us, send us an email… we’d love to hear about how we were able to help you.