Six Reasons You Should Partner With a 3PL

Capacity fluctuates. A lot. The national truck driver shortage is not a rumor, it’s happening. Regulations, costs of operating a truck, and an aging work force are compounding. The natural ebb and flow of available trucks is difficult enough to keep up with. Seasonal shifts can happen overnight, and having a partner on your side fighting for capacity is key to success. We have access to a base of nearly 40,000 authorized carriers, meaning that we can always find a way to get your truckload freight from Point A to Point B, no matter the demand for equipment.

You’ll have peace of mind. Trinity has been in business since 1979. We’re ranked #20 on Transport Topics’ list of the Top 25 Freight Brokerages in the nation. While 3PL companies and other freight brokers are required to have at least a $10,000 surety bond, ours is $250,000 (the highest possible). We’re rated as a five diamond broker with the Internet Truckstop and the TIA. Our reputation and expertise speak for themselves, and you can trust that you’re working with one of the best in the business.

You could save a lot of money. Take advantage of our expertise and leverage our volume. We arranged for the shipment of over 215,000 loads last year. We have special pricing with LTL carriers that you could be utilizing. We can present you with unique transportation freight solutions, like consolidating your LTL shipments into one truckload shipment, that could significantly cut costs. And we have the expertise that enables us to see if there’s a different, better way for you to be shipping your freight that will save you money in the long run.

We’ll reduce your risk. If you’re selecting carriers on your own, are you examining their operating authority, insurance information, and safety ratings? The carriers we use are checked by our system on a daily basis for compliance. You can feel confident that we won’t put your freight in the hands of a noncompliant carrier. Did you know that sometimes, asset-based carriers will broker out your load to another carrier without your knowledge? We have checks in place to confirm the carrier we’ve selected to cover your freight is the carrier who actually hauls the load.

Time is of the essence. You probably don’t have the resources to spend your day routing your freight, tracking your freight, and managing the day-to-day issues that will inevitably occur (delays, breakdowns, blown tires…) Luckily, we’re experts and we can take this responsibility off your hands. Let us take care of any issues that arise and solve it like we have a million times before – and you can go back to focusing on the core elements of your business.

Everyone else is doing it. Over 82% of Fortune 500 companies partner with at least one 3PL in order to simplify their lives and increase the efficiency of their business. Don’t be part of the 18%! Get in touch with us today and learn about all the things we can offer you.

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