Supporting Freight Agents: The Trinity Way


Supporting Freight Agents: The Trinity Way

A few weeks ago, Trinity held our 2019 Agent Conference in Orlando. The purpose of our Agent Conference is to celebrate, educate, and energize Trinity Agents. While there, I saw something amazing happen; the Trinity Team Members that represent the Agent Support Group received a standing ovation from the Agents in attendance. It was humbling to see. The Agent Support Group puts their heart and soul into serving out Agent offices. Having that type of gratitude shown was another example of how Trinity’s Agents are part of the Trinity Family. For almost 30 years, Trinity’s Agent Program has focused on allowing Agents to drive their business forward. How do we do it?

  • Eliminate the non-revenue generating activities.

Agents often times get saddled with day-to-day tasks that need to happen but don’t generate revenue. Not only the Agent Support Group adheres to this. All the areas of Trinity that support our Agents, focus on making it easy to do business as a Trinity Agent.

  • Provide a powerful brand.

For over 40 years, Trinity has been building a positive brand among the shipper and carrier communities. All are stakeholders in the 3PL transportation mega-industry and we aim to provide excellence during all interactions. We realize carriers and shippers have a choice when selecting who they do business with. We trust that when they see the Trinity name it is recognized and is a major reason for the success of our Agents.

  • Fair, consistent and transparent.

We get it, nobody is doing this for free. Agents have spent years, along with blood, sweat, and tears, to build their business. Like any business, they rely on cash flow. We ensure that our Agents are paid timely, consistently, and fairly. Services that other companies may view as “add ons” are not things Trinity will nickel and dime our Agents for. We believe in providing value at a fair cost to our Agents.

  • People are the difference.

Processes. Procedures. Exception Management. Automation. All the key buzz words can distract from what is at the heart of all businesses – the People. Those that make it happen every day. Trinity is proud of the people that support our Agents. It is their commitment and dedication they have in making our Agents as successful as they can be.

We realize Agents have a choice in where they call home. Make no mistake, Trinity is not looking for Agents to join our team that are only looking for a short-term partnership. We value and recognize the long tenure of our Agents. That is a true result of the trust and confidence each has in the other. If a new home is in your plans, consider the impact that being part of the Trinity Agent Team will make in your business. 

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AUTHOR: Greg Massey