The Green Train. The latest in saving green while shipping green!

Shipping containers stacked on top of one another. Semi-trailers secured to the deck. It all adds up to a “green train” – rail transport moving freight without adding to highway congestion or excess air pollution.

It’s true that rail shipments may not always be the method of choice for shippers who have tight schedules, or time-sensitive, or who have shipping locations or destination points long distances from an Intermodal Terminal.

One train transportation company provides an upside perspective to counter these kinds of issues by promoting findings that anchor on aggressive savings: “One train can carry the load of more than 280 trucks!” The National Gateway Program is partnering with an enlightened rail carrier for $700 million in system improvements to “create a more efficient flow of rail traffic between Mid-Atlantic ports and Midwestern markets.”

It DOES pay to be green for some shippers who use rail (freight intermodal)

One rail shipper recently proved the point in transporting a trailer of books from the Midwest to their Los Angeles location . . . “We used a shipping container and had it transported by rail most of the way. We saved $1,603.72 or 41%.”

Why is this so “green”?

It’s a fact: Railroads are three times more fuel-efficient than over-the-road transport.

A study of 50 major U.S. metro areas by transportation consultant Wendell Cox found that simply by shifting 25 percent of truck freight to rail by 2025, would lead to:

• 2.8 billion fewer traveler-hours wasted in congested traffic
• A savings of 16 billion gallons of fuel

• Nearly 800,000 fewer tons of air pollution