The Ultimate Collection of Trucking Infographics: 20 Infographics About the Trucking Industry

Tired of searching all over the internet for the perfect educational infographic on truck drivers or the trucking industry? Us too. That’s why we put together this ultimate collection of 20 trucking infographics, all in one place! Click any infographic to view it at full size.

American Truckers


Trucking in Canada

Source: Canada Cartage

Cargo Theft: How Much is it Costing Your Business?

Source: Tyco Integrated Security

The Future of Trucking

The Greening of the Fleet Source: Pinterest
Trucking: A Hidden Giant Source:
If Trucks Stopped… Source:

Know Your Truck Stop

Source: Pinterest

Who is the Modern Day Truck Driver?

Source: Atlas Van Lines

The 4 Biggest Myths About Truckers


The Real Cost of Trucking in the US


Ten Tips for Sharing the Road With Trucks


Top 10 Tips for Truckload Sourcing

Source: Transplace

Primary Causes of Truck Accidents

Source:  Vanguard Attorneys

Truck Drivers by the Numbers

Source: Journal of Commerce

Truck Drivers In High Demand

Source: CareerBuilder

Trucking Industry Facts

Source: The Truckers Report

Trucking’s Essential Role in the US Economy


Understanding Driver Pay

Women in Trucking Source: CDL Career Now