Trick or Treat: LTL Shipping Costs

When you’re shipping LTL, thinking about all the potential expenses can be a little scary. Unexpected accessorial charges… volatile pricing… freight classes that could change at any time… fees and fines if you skip or make a mistake on any part of the complicated LTL shipping process… eek!

Luckily, this Halloween, you don’t have to face your fears alone. Partnering with a 3PL like Trinity can majorly simplify the process of shipping LTL, and beyond that, it can save you some serious money. We’ve rounded up a couple of examples here to show you exactly what you can expect.

One of our customers, a chemical manufacturing company, was using one LTL carrier exclusively to handle their LTL shipments. When they decided to outsource their LTL to Trinity, it was a major decision that resulted in some awesome cost savings for them. By taking advantage of our contracted rates with dozens of LTL carriers and our flexibility with routing and shipment consolidation, they’re saving thousands of dollars each month. In March of this year, over the course of a single month alone, they saved almost $15,000 compared to using the carrier they worked with previously. And if that isn’t enough of a sweet treat… not a single one of those shipments had any damages, a major improvement from their past track record with the other carrier.

Another Trinity customer, a pet food manufacturer, was struggling to find reasonable LTL rates for their regular shipments to one of their customers (about 12-14 pallets per shipment). They were lacking carrier relationships and paying the price – big time. After consulting with Trinity's LTL Services team for a solution, we were able to assist them in consolidating 2-3 LTL shipments at a time into one truckload shipment and provide them with access to a network of reliable carriers. This company is now saving an average of 35% on every single LTL shipment!

Don’t forget that we also offer a free LTL freight management portal that makes it simple and easy for you to book your own shipments while taking advantage of our contracted carrier rates.

Don’t be frightened of your LTL shipping expenses this Halloween – request a quote using our easy online form and see how sweet your savings can really be!