We’re Double-Dating, and We’re Not Ashamed!

Here at Trinity Logistics, as a third-party logistics provider (3PL), we are in a unique position. Most businesses only have one group of people to serve, and they ultimately all fit under the same umbrella—it’s simply anyone who buys that product or utilizes those services. However, due to the nature of our company, there are two completely separate categories of people who we do business with. The first group is our customers (companies who have freight that needs to be moved or managed) and the second group is all the carriers we contract with to actually move our customers’ freight (since we have no trucks of our own!)

As you may know, most would define a 3PL as simply the “middle-man” between shippers and carriers. Here at Trinity, it’s so important for us to have relationships with both our customers and carriers, and we are dedicated to being so much more than just a “middle-man.” From both groups, large amounts of trust are put in our hands. Customers are (figuratively) putting their valuable products in our hands, entrusting us to select a responsible carrier and see the shipment all the way through to the end, ensuring it arrives safely and on time. Carriers are trusting us to find them loads to fill their trucks and get them on the road, as well as fair and speedy payment for what they do for us.

Due to the huge responsibilities that rest on our shoulders and our deep understanding of the trust that customers and carriers must place in us, we like to make that trust come a little bit easier by developing personal relationships with both parties. For this reason, we take it one step further than other 3PLs and actually have whole departments dedicated only to communicating with and getting to know our customers and chosen carriers.

Dan Dobson, our director of customer relations, is in charge of making sure our customers are happy and taken care of 100% of the time. Whether they’re brand new or have been utilizing our services for years, we always have a listening ear tuned to our customers’ feedback and a real desire to make sure they know their business is truly appreciated, and Dan is in constant contact with them to ensure this is the case. Similarly, Jackie Ochs heads up our carrier relations department and spends most of her days chatting with carriers on the phone, making sure all their information is up-to-date. Beyond that, Jackie heads up many carrier appreciation projects, ensuring our chosen carriers know that we appreciate them working with us. Recently, she has been sending out some awesome appreciation packages filled with Trinity goodies to carriers who have been historically great in their service to us.

As you can see, it’s important for us to build trust and relationships with anyone who decides to do business with us, whether it’s a customer or a carrier. Both groups are vital to the existence of our business and we appreciate and value them equally. Whether you’re a trucker interested in picking up a load for us or a customer intrigued by how we can take your freight off your hands, you can find more information relevant to you at our website: www.trinitylogistics.com