We’re here to meet all your needs… even the ones you didn’t know you had!

Every day, the logistics service providers here at Trinity book hundreds of truckload shipments for our customers. Because this is such a huge and vital part of our business, many customers assume that, like any unsophisticated “freight brokerage,” freight shipping services are all we have to offer. But over time, our capabilities and offerings have grown exponentially, transforming our business into a complete logistics service provider—offering intermodal (rail) services, LTL services, freight management, and freight consultants,  among other things. This is largely why we changed our name from Trinity Transport to Trinity Logistics back in January.

A huge focus for us this year has been to make sure our customers are actually aware of the vast array of services we offer. Sometimes, a business might have transportation needs they aren’t even aware of! Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving, changing the way transportation is organized. Many companies are still using very manual processes to arrange transportation—calling carriers for quotes, writing down shipments on paper… these methods are dated and cost our customers both time and money. By giving us a call and simply talking to us about how they’re doing—and where they may be having issues—it can be revealed that we have a lot to offer a business in terms of managing their freight, whether it’s their truckload shipments, LTL shipments, or both. We have a state-of-the-art TMS (transportation management system) and a whole team dedicated to designing solutions for companies who need to streamline and simplify their transportation.

Another area in which we have a lot to offer is LTL (less-than-truckload) services. Again, many of our customers who loyally do business with us for their truckload shipments sometimes have no idea that organizing their LTL shipments with us, as well, is an option—and a great one! We have access to a whole network of carriers and blanket pricing that can save some serious money for businesses who generally only have access to a small number of options if they’re organizing their LTL on their own. In addition, we just developed a new and improved portal for customers to manage their LTL shipments, with as much or as little involvement from us as they desire.

Businesses who prefer eco-friendly, green shipping methods might choose to limit the amount of product they move on diesel trucks—but we can meet their needs, as well, through our intermodal services. Shipping via train not only provides a significant cost savings, but is also far more environmentally friendly— the amount of fuel required is significantly less (a freight train can go about four times further on a single gallon of fuel than a diesel truck) and the carbon emissions are about three times less. For many companies, the idea of rail shipments is completely foreign, but our intermodal specialists are here to work with our customers and explore if this option is one that will fit their transportation needs.

As you can see, truckload is just a small portion of all we have to offer our customers! Did anything we mentioned here spark your interest? Give us a call and we can discuss the various ways you might be able to simplify your life and your business. Request a consultation with us here.