Transportation Management Software: Why Bother?

 Although the idea of implementing transportation management software is exciting, it can also seem overwhelming to many people. It’s easier to brush off the idea with an immediate rejection than to seriously consider how a TMS could be beneficial to your business. Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of these knee-jerk responses. Are you missing out on the opportunity to streamline your supply chain and reduce your freight spend?

Some popular objections:

“Our current process is working just fine.”

As we have all witnessed, the world of technology is taking over the world of business more and more every single day. In today’s business environment, companies and their customers want instant tracking capabilities across the supply chain. Our system provides that. Accounting and salespeople in your organization could benefit heavily from easily accessible reports that show your freight spend by carrier, lane, product line, or SKU number. That would provide them with the information they need to accurately and competitively price your own products in your marketplace. The TMS also allows you to more accurately measure carrier performance and hold your carriers accountable.

“Automating our process would put me out of a job!”

Actually, one of the best things about using transportation management software is that it puts all of the control into your hands. Better yet, you would be able to access reports to show your boss or executives that will make you look like a hero for implementing this system in the first place. The reports will show how much money the company is saving, along with improved carrier performances, to demonstrate how you’ve enhanced your supply chain while simultaneously controlling costs. Further, by automating some of your manual processes, you’ll personally be able to take on new and perhaps more important projects, challenges, or other areas to improve.

“We’ve looked into it already, and it’s too expensive.”

Some systems comparable to Trinity’s TMS cost up to $10,000 monthly for implementation, in addition to transaction fees. With Trinity, you get a best-in-class, robust TMS with a small implementation fee and manageable per transaction fee. And where other systems fall to offer the support, training and experienced team dedicated to your account, we offer all of that. We would never drop software in your lap and walk away. Your competitors are investing in technology like this right now to help them stand out. It could be a big gamble to take a chance, waiting a year or two before implementing a TMS yourself. We don’t want to see your company end up behind the trend running to catch up, but instead ahead of your competition, offering full visibility to your customers – right now.

Can you relate to these reactions? Have we changed your mind yet? Maybe you need a bit more information. Click here to learn more about Trinity's freight management solutions and how they can work for your business.