Why Ship Intermodal?

Hello- My name is John Patton, I am Trinity's Intermodal Manager. In light of the ever-present desire to cut logistics costs, shippers are looking to companies like Trinity to offer methods to achieve this goal. One very effective suggestion and service we offer is to move your freight via railways, called “intermodal”. In addition to being a more cost-effective method of transporting goods, intermodal services offer many more benefits you may not be aware of.

First of all, the railways offer extra capacity for moving your freight intermodal when the over-the-road trucks are tight, or hard to come by. The intermodal industry continues to add new 53ft containers and chassis to their fleets, whereas many trucking firms are being forced out of business due to the economy. With Trinity as your solutions provider, we are able to tap these additional resources to avoid having your product sit on the dock for days waiting for a truck to come available, which may occur in seasonal periods such as during produce season.

In addition to the extra capacity, you will generally see the rail carriers continue to operate in times of inclement weather conditions, while the highway infrastructure is often shut down and thus the over-the-road trucks come to a stand still.

The rail industry has been working hard to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, all rail carriers have a program in place to support the “green” initiative in the country. An intermodal train will emit 6.8lbs of carbon emissions for every 100 ton miles compared to an over-the-road truck that emits 19.8lbs. That same intermodal train can move one ton of intermodal freight approximately 830 miles on ONE single gallon of diesel fuel! Trinity Transport, as a provider of this service, fully supports the green initiative, and is a member of the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership that is committed to reducing carbon imprints annually.

Finally, I'd like to touch on the pure convenience of shipping intermodal. Since Trinity works directly with the draymen (local trucking company) when picking up and delivering your freight, Trinity has a lot more flexibility for accommodating your needs. We also have real-time tracking electronically of the your shipment from the time the load begins till the time the load empties.

If you are interested in saving money in your transportation budget, helping the environment by going green, finding an extra source of capacity when trucks are tight, and adding convenience and visibility to your shipments, I invite you to contact us for a rate today. It would be our pleasure to serve you, the Trinity Way!