Why You Could Be At Risk for a Lawsuit – Without Even Knowing It

Are you a shipper? If so, close your eyes and use your imagination for a bit. Pretend you’re flipping through the newspaper, skimming through the latest local happenings, when you stumble across a tragic story. A truck driver, not paying attention, didn’t brake quickly enough and ended up barreling over not one, but two different cars, killing an entire family. Alarmingly, the article shares that particular carrier has had safety issues in the past, breaking regulations and getting in trouble for falsifying their logs. Your eyes widen in horror when you see the name of the carrier. You just booked a load with them last week! How could you have unknowingly used a carrier with such unsafe practices?

Unfortunately, this isn’t just hypothetical – the story above is real, although we’ve omitted the specifics. This case didn’t involve us, thank goodness – but what if that shipper was you? Many shippers have neither the time nor resources to do thorough background checks on carriers, making sure their insurance isn’t expired, their safety ratings are good, they haven’t broken federal regulations, and they don’t have a bad reputation in the industry. By taking these risks and blindly handing over your freight to a questionable carrier, your chances of running into serious (and expensive) problems are high. What if your goods aren’t handled with care and end up damaged? What if an irresponsible driver falls off the grid for days and ends up holding your load hostage, interrupting your whole production cycle? And worst of all, what if the truck hauling your load ends up getting in an accident that results in a loss of life – and the courts deem you responsible for the death, since you negligently selected that carrier? (Yes, as terrifying as it is, this is a real possibility.)

By working with a non-asset based provider like Trinity, you can largely mitigate these risks. Our carrier compliance department exists solely to ensure the carriers we select to haul your freight are insured and compliant with federal regulations. Before a carrier is cleared for take-off, their records are examined, their reputation is checked online, their insurance is confirmed, and we verify the phone number provided matches their official FMCSA listing. Additionally, our logistics specialists are trained to verbally confirm with the dispatchers that they are indeed from the same carrier we booked. While none of our practices are 100% fail-safe, we have the resources and expertise to prevent your freight from falling into the hands of a non-compliant carrier.

Why take such a huge risk when you don’t have to? Beyond all the additional benefits of working with a 3PL, the aspect of risk mitigation is often forgotten (or even twisted to make it appear that working with a 3PL is more risky… which could actually be the case, if that provider doesn’t have the same best practices in place that we do.) Curious about how working with us could simplify your supply chain, minimize your risks, and make your life a whole lot easier? Shoot us an e-mail.