Workplace Wellness

 Here at Trinity, we’ve always known that it’s important to ensure our employees are happy and healthy. In 2011, we launched a wellness program that turned those goals into a tangible and exciting opportunity. While the program comes with the added bonus of a discount on our health insurance (and an even bigger discount if you rack up a certain number of points by the end of the year!), anyone can participate in our wellness activities, even if they aren’t signed up for the program. While our office has always put an emphasis on staying fit and eating healthy, enthusiasm and participation in these feel-good behaviors has skyrocketed since we implemented the wellness program here.

We now have a Trinity garden in our “backyard” that started out as a wellness project and has grown (literally!) into a fun source of outdoor activity and a plentiful supply of healthy foods for our team members to cook with. Two teams signed up for a bit of healthy competition to see whose side of the garden would grow the biggest and most beautiful fruits and vegetables. They put in all the hard work planting the seeds this spring, and throughout the summer, have been harvesting the fruits of their labor.

A veggie pizza made with squash from the Trinity garden!

Another fun aspect of the program is the Biggest Loser challenge. From June till November, we have scheduled weigh-ins and keep track of our weight loss in the hopes to win a prize at the end—anyone who loses over 5% of their original body weight is eligible! This has brought out a nice competitive spirit in the office and makes the normally daunting task of losing weight seem a little more lighthearted and fun. Some people in the office have taken the challenge very seriously and have totally changed their lifestyle, and our on-site gym has seen a lot more action. The marketing department even purchased exercise balls to use as desk chairs!

Encouraged by the wellness program and excited to earn “points,” Trinity team members have really amped up their participation in fun fitness events. Just a couple of weeks ago, a group of lovely ladies here at the office heard about The Color Run, an awesomely fun 5k race that involves being blasted with bright colors and ends with an explosion of colorful pigment that paints everything in sight. Although the race was sold out, we do business with the folks at The Color Run, and they were kindly able to finagle three tickets for Jackie, Courtney, and Tara to participate in the race.

As you can see, we’re having a blast here finding new ways to grow closer as a team and become healthier in the process! We’d highly recommend some sort of wellness program to any office or corporate environment. The benefits have been innumerable and invaluable. Healthy equals happy, and happy equals productive – there’s nothing to lose! Well, except a few pounds…