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2024 Big Pink Volleyball Tournament

April 13 @ 8:00 am 4:00 pm

Hosted by the Trinity Foundation

Teams play volleyball with a four-foot wide, pink volleyball. Proceeds will be donated to TidalHealth Allen Cancer Center in Seaford, DE. Participants may contribute by participating on a team, or by making a monetary or product donation through the Trinity Foundation.

All players will receive an event tshirt. Completed registration packets must be received by deadline to guarantee tshirt size.

Dress Code:Sneakers are required for all players. NO earrings, necklaces, watches or bracelets permitted for any player. Creative uniforms encouraged as long as appropriate for a public, school setting.



1. Teams are to consist of a maximum of eight players total per team

a. A maximum of six players and a minimum of 4 players on the court at one time.

b. Teams can be co-ed or single gender, but all teams play on a single tournament bracket.

2. You may substitute in and out at any dead ball time by notifying the referee of the substitution and waiting for the signal from the referee that it is clear to make the substitution.

3. Substitutions must be made to and from the same court position.


1. Rally scoring: one point is scored on every serve regardless of the team that serves.


1. A ball cannot be played off the wall, poles or curtain.

a. Trapping the ball in the net is not allowed.

2. A ball that hits the ceiling and returns to the same side of court is in play. A ball that hits the ceiling and travels to the other court is out and a point is scored by the team that did not hit the ball into the ceiling.

3. Players must rotate after every server exchange. Rotation is clockwise.

4. Players in the back row may not jump above the net in front of the 10-foot line to block or hit the ball.

5. Games last for 20 minutes. The team with the most points at the end of the 20 minutes wins.

a. In the event of a tie, play until the next point is scored.


1. Server must serve behind the serve line (the 10-foot line).

a. Two members of the team may hold the ball up and the server may hit it out of their hands, but they

have to have one foot on each side of the server line.

b. A receiving team may not attempt to block/spike another team’s serve.

2. A maximum of three (3) hits per side is allowed.

3. The same person may not hit the ball twice in a row.

4. The ball may not be kicked or headed at any time.

5. No leaning or sitting on the ball.

6. A player may not hit the net or step over the middle line while making a play.


1. No jewelry or watches are permitted during play.

2. Athletic shoes are required (i.e. no flip-flops, dress shoes, or barefoot).


1. Have fun!!! And please be respectful of your opponents, officials, and people operating the tournament.

Additional Notes

1. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to your games. Late arrivals will forfeit their games.

2. Check in with your team name to the referee before the start of each game.

3. Report the score of your game to the registration table. This is when you will find out when your next game is.

4. The tournament is a double elimination tournament.

5. Team pictures will be taken before the start of the first games.

Located at Laurel Middle & High School

1133 S. Central Avenue

Laurel, DE 19956

$240 Team of 6-8 players