Factors to Consider When Shipping Stone


Factors to Consider When Shipping Stone

Stone is a very versatile good, often used in construction, interior decorating, and landscaping. A heavy and bulky commodity, stone can be difficult to transport. It can be surprisingly fragile at times and easy to chip, which is not something you want on certain pieces. Just as there are various uses of stone, there are just as many things to worry about when shipping it. Different kinds of stone bring different challenges in transportation.

Whether you currently ship stone or are considering it, here are some factors you want to take into consideration.


One factor you need to consider is proper packaging. Packaging stone the wrong way can lead it to be more susceptible to damages.

For example, if you’re shipping tile in boxes, make sure not to stack them too high or load them vertically. Use either short stacks or horizontal loading to help structural integrity. Consider laying down cardboard or foam between layers to prevent any scraping, scratching, chipping, or breaking.


Another thing to consider is the equipment used for transportation. Certain pieces of stone will need more equipment than others.

If you’re shipping large slabs of stone, you’re going to need to find a flatbed with an A-frame to securely hold the slabs. Before the stone can even be loaded onto the truck, the A-frame has to be placed on the flatbed with a forklift or crane. And when it’s ready to move, make sure that the slab is secure and strapped in. Don’t make the straps too tight because doing so could cause damage upon delivery. Everything should be checked thoroughly to make sure a disaster doesn’t happen when moving over the road.


Stone is not only heavy, but sometimes large in itself, such as those slabs. Often when transporting stone, you’ll need to follow regulations and get an oversize or overweight permit to be able to travel on state highways. The State Department of Transportation (DOT) issues these permits, but sometimes they can be handled by another department depending on the state. These permits are only good for a short window of time and the only time that your shipment can be on the road. It’s important to make sure you have all your ducks in row so your shipment stays on schedule.


You need to find a carrier with experience shipping stone. You recently read how tricky loading and unloading stone can be. You want to make sure you find a driver with the experience you need so your product gets there safely.

At Trinity Logistics, we have access to a network of carriers with the experience and expertise to get your load moving.



Shipping stone can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you.

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