Five Things to Remember When Shipping to Mexico


Five Things to Remember When Shipping to Mexico

As the seasons change, so do the origins of the everyday products we purchase. Now is the time to brush up on the basics of getting some of those items across the U.S. border and to their final destinations. Here are the top five things to remember when shipping items in and out of Mexico.

  1. Verify the complete addresses. We have a habit of assuming we know what city people are talking about, based upon our own experiences. The reality is that there are multiple places in the U.S. with the same city names. The same is true for Mexico, and therefore, to provide accurate pricing and routing, it’s critical that we verify the complete addresses on both ends. Here is a sample of what an address in Mexico should look like:

    Autopista Mex-Qro KM 41.5 Nave 3
    Cuautitlan Izcalli Edo De Mexico C.P. 54715

  2. Know the details. The smallest measurement could change everything. We need to know the exact shipping commodity, pallet count, piece count, weight, temperature, load value, and the type of equipment. For example, the product could be dry, but it may need to be protected from extreme temperatures during the summer. If we know the specifics, we could suggest using a reefer without actually turning the unit on in an effort to minimize the impact. It’s better to have too much information than not enough.
  3. Is it able to be transloaded? While there are a few carriers who can drive straight across the border, it’s still not the norm. Many customs brokers have large warehouses at the border where we can transload product between carriers. Surprisingly, this often saves our customers money.
  4. Do you have a Customs Broker? This is mandatory for any load crossing the border. Most of the time, your buyer will have a customs broker that they use regularly. However, those who are new to shipping in and out of Mexico may not. We know how valuable an experienced customs broker is, and we can provide one for you. A good customs broker can usually get shipments “crossed” in less than 48 hours. This is extremely important to know ahead of time if your loads are time sensitive.
  5. Freight on the Mexico side of the border is not insured. Currently, if your freight needs insurance protection, you have to purchase an insurance policy just for that shipment. This causes headaches for many of our customers. Theft is a large problem in Mexico, and therefore, it pays to use carriers and brokers that have solid relationships on both sides of the border.

As we continue to help you with your everyday transportation needs, consider allowing us to partner with you on your Mexico freight, too. We have plenty of experience and are willing to help you with the transition. You can be sure our number one priority is to provide you with great service as we focus on the details so that you don’t have to.

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