LTL Carriers: Rate increases and what they mean for your business


LTL Carriers: Rate increases and what they mean for your business

Over the last few weeks, LTL (less than truckload) carriers have begun announcing general rate increases.   UPS Freight, ABF Freight, Con-way, and A Duie Pyle started the ball rolling by announcing general rate increases in the near future. Historically, once a major LTL carrier announces a general rate increase, all other LTL carriers follow in fairly short order. I expect most major LTL carriers to either announce or implement rate increases sometime over the next 45 days.

Fortunately, there will be virtually no impact to Trinity customers from LTL carriers taking general rate increases. Trinity has negotiated agreements with the majority of LTL carriers we do business with that are not subject to general rate increases. Our negotiated agreements take into consideration our nationwide volumes to secure some of the best possible pricing in the marketplace.Why are LTL carriers doing  this? Two reasons, mostly. First, they are managing their capacity as the demand for their equipment increases. Second, it’s a clear attempt to improve their earnings, reversing the losses most of them incurred at some time over the last few years. It’s their business to turn a profit, but it’s Trinity’s business to shield and advise our clients.

We will track and report increases as they are announced and verified in this blog and comments section which will be updated periodically as more carriers announce and or take price increases. If you have heard of such an increase, feel free to share that in the comments as well, along with the amount of increase.

Carrier Announced            Increase         Effective Date
A Duie Pyle                          6.90%           August 1, 2011
AAA Cooper                         6.70%           August 15, 2011
ABF Freight System            6.90%           July 25, 2011
Con-way Transportation      6.90%           August 1, 2011
DATS Trucking                     N/A               August 15, 2011
Estes Express                     6.90%           August 15, 2011
FedEx Freight                      6.75%           September 6, 2011
Holland                                 6.90%            August 1, 2011
New Century Transportation N/A                August 8, 2011
New England Motor Freight   6.90%          August 8, 2011
New Penn Motor                    6.90%          August 1, 2011
Oak Harbor                            6.90%          August 1, 2011
Old Dominion                        4.90%           September 6, 2011
R & L Carriers                       6.90%           August 15, 2011
Reddaway                             6.90%           August 1, 2011
Roadrunner Transportation   6.90%           August 1, 2011
Saia                                       6.90%           August 22, 2011
Southeastern Freight Lines   6.90%           August 22, 2011
Southwestern Motor Transport 6.90%        August 1, 2011
UPS Freight                            6.90%          August 1, 2011
Vitran                                      6.90%          August 15, 2011
YRC, Inc.                                6.90%          August 1, 2011

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