Need LTL Tracking?

If you've got an LTL shipment that you need to track all the way to its destination, we've got your solution.

Track your LTL freight with our state-of-the-art freight management software and never worry about your LTL shipments again.

Our dedication to personalized service allows you to be confident in outsourcing your dry or temp-controlled LTL shipments to Trinity.

You'll Save Time And Money

LTL is one of the most complicated modes of transportation, and our experienced LTL logistics team takes the guesswork out of the equation. No more worrying about freight class, weight, routing and rates. Leverage the volume of our entire customer base and enjoy the discounted rates and blanket pricing that Trinity has lined up with our network of LTL carriers.

We'll Simplify The Process

Simply put, we are here to serve you. Our goal is to make your job easier, and that means everything is done right the first time. We’ll ask you every question we can possibly think of to ensure that the LTL shipping quote we send to you matches exactly what you’ll actually be paying in the end.

We'll Keep You In The Loop

Take advantage of our expertise in the realm of LTL shipping, and let us keep you up to date. Our seasoned LTL services team is constantly on the lookout for industry trends, potential price increases, and freight classification changes.

We'll Offer You Some Cutting Edge Technology – For Free!

Say hello to ShipDirect, our free web-based LTL freight management software that offers on-the-spot carrier pricing, selection, and tracking tools. With reporting on demand, a user-friendly interface, customizable dashboards, and direct access to your shipment documents, this is an extremely powerful tool to have under your belt.

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