Need a Morale Boost?


Need a Morale Boost?

What is morale? Morale is the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time. Having a good morale in the workplace is essential for enhancing productivity and making your job more enjoyable.

There are countless ways to help boost your employee morale and set a positive tone that can be very cost efficient. Listed below are some tips on how your company can reach positive morale.


Recognizing special events in the lives of your employees such as birthdays and hiring anniversaries. These are both milestones that we all enjoy to be recognized for. If you have a reason to celebrate, do it! Whether it’s finding a greeting card for everyone to sign, or decorating the employees’ office for the occasion, it will not go unappreciated.

Recognize and reward your employees for doing a job well done. Each month we recognize an employee from both our support and operations side. These candidates are given compliments by their co-workers and or supervisors throughout the month. When the month comes to an end, we wrap it up by selecting a few candidates to vote on. Once votes are tallied, we then present the winners with a gift card award. They are recognized on our intranet, and their picture is hung on our MVP wall of fame.

Appreciate each department for their hard work. Each month we pick one week and chose a department within our company to appreciate. During that week, we pick three days to incorporate different activities and tokens to show our appreciation to them. We make it enjoyable and entertaining for all who are involved.

Fun Times
It’s always important to have fun. Once a year we pick a date and take a much needed trip to New York City for the entire day. We extend the opportunity for our employees to invite family or friends for a small fee. This is an opportunity for our employees to let loose and relax around those they associate with on a daily basis.

Implement new programs for the employees. This year we are trying something new to help get our employees motivated. We are offering webinars, onsite events, and fitness classes after work hours, to tie in with our Wellness Program.

By incorporating these recognitions and programs into your workplace, employees will feel much more appreciated and you will start to notice a boost in productivity as well as a more enjoyable work environment.