New Rules for Success (Part 2)


New Rules for Success (Part 2)

11. Real Relationships Rule

Successful transportation professionals continue to believe that this is a people business.  Relationships must be cultivated not only with customers and carriers, but also with colleagues within the company – in the headquarters office and out in the field with agents, sales associates, or company stores. I firmly believe in the 3R’s – Real Relationships Rule.

12. Train to improve performance

Training will always be a high priority in a successful company.  Training helps people to perform at their best.  Good performance boosts self worth.
A sense of worth builds employee loyalty to the team, the company, the customer and the carrier.

13. Give back to the world around you

To be successful today requires a culture of caring not only for the company, but its community and the world outside.  A company and its employees must be willing to give back – to donate time, money, ideas and energy to others.

14. Do it right, but also – do the right thing

I believe a successful company needs to create a culture that allows team members to address their jobs with complete integrity and morality – not only to do it right, but to do the right thing.

15. Set goals that people can commit to achieving

Along with everything else, leadership beliefs have changed. Today, the characteristic that sets leaders apart from those less successful is not ambition.
It’s neither intelligence nor charisma or personality.  And it’s certainly not luck.
The valued leader today is one with the ability to set goals that people can become committed to achieving.  It is the person who is consistent in involving, rewarding and recognizing people.

16. Nurture and create nurturing leaders

A company must cherish and nurture their real asset, and that is the people who comprise a company.  You must be a model of the kind of leaders you want to inspire and develop.  Provide leadership training.  Create pathways to success and leadership for those within the ranks.

17. Show appreciation of others – every day

To succeed today, it’s really very simple.  You must get better and better each and every day, create an environment of high tech and high touch and every day, appreciate and reward the people who make it work.

18. Constantly reward and recognize good work

Every great company, every great brand, and every great career has been built in exactly the same way.  Bit by bit, step by step, and little by little.  If every element of an organization, and every person, gets a little better every day, then that organization will become unstoppable. As a leader you must recognize your team members’ good work and reward their relentless pursuit of excellence in order to keep that momentum! What gets rewarded gets done, and what gets done builds growth.

19. Be a source of pride for each employee

An organization that builds this kind of momentum will soon evolve into a market leader.  It will be successful and profitable.  And most important, it will be a source of pride for each and every person it employs.

20. A company is simply a group of people; take care of the people

What obstacles can you remove for your team? What tools could you provide in order to help them better perform their duties? Get to know them on a personal level, find out what makes them tick, what motivates them, and what de-motivates them as well, and provide incentives accordingly. Seek their feedback, involve them in decisions whenever possible, and never forget that it’s because of them that we are able to exist in business successfully today.