Relationships: Brokers and Carriers


Relationships: Brokers and Carriers

Here are a few pros of working with a third party logistics company:

  •     More lanes
  •     Access to multiple customers
  •     Opportunity to grow with an established company
  •     A reliable specialist to help find a load!  Let us do the work.
  •     Match your unique needs

What is the most common concern carriers have?

Most of the concerns that I have heard in my position of why carriers do not want to work with a broker are the rates.  The trucking industry is in a unique position; it is all about supply and demand.   As many of you know, factors that can affect rates:

  •     Season
  •     Supply and demand
  •     Natural disasters
  •     Location
  •     Fuel cost
  •     Miles

Trinity works with both customers and carriers to provide the rates that are fair for all parties involved. Building a strong relationship does not happen overnight, it is a process; a process that Trinity strives hard to create and establish.   We want to continue to serve you and provide you with number one customer service.  We look forward to creating a long lasting relationship together.

Looking to build a relationship with Trinity Logistics? Learn more about being a carrier in our network.