Seeking to Understand: The Power of a Question


Seeking to Understand: The Power of a Question

At Trinity, we don’t just want to move a load for you from point A to point B. We want to collaborate to help you effectively manage your logistics. To us, it’s more than a load. It’s a partnership established and developed to provide logistics solutions for your business.

Questions are powerful investigation tools. Our sales team does not ask questions as a way to pass time.  We do not ask questions to manipulate a situation. We do not ask questions to annoy customers.  However, we do ask questions to gather information. We use that information to help us better understand your business and your logistics needs. We understand that your time is very valuable.  Through experience, we’ve learned what questions to ask to quickly understand the needs, wants, nuances, urgency, and challenges of your business in order uncover the benefits Trinity provides that will match the needs and maximize the available resources. Asking questions, and receiving answers, allows experienced account managers to assess the viability of potential business.

As account managers, we consider:

  • Is the partnership a good fit?
  • What additional discussion needs to take place before business is conducted?
  • What services best fit their need? 
  • How can I leverage our experience and volume to save them money?

Perry Equipment (PECO) in Mineral Wells, Texas, chooses to work with Trinity as a full service logistics provider.  Trinity representatives met with Tim Greensweight, Traffic Manager at Perry at the start of the relationship to discuss their business needs as well as expectations once we began servicing their account.  Through the sales and questioning process, our account managers were able to establish a partnership with Perry that can best be described using a term PECO uses on their website, “Problems Solved. People Satisfied”.  Tim works with Trinity because he feels Trinity “goes above and beyond to get things handled as they should be.”

Celebrating their 75th year in business, Perry Equipment knows a thing or two about handling business. Leading their industry in technology, PECO’s ISO 9001 certified product lines include filtration solutions to preserve the environment, reduce energy consumption, and improve productivity.

Applying the Perry example to your own relationship with our Trinity account management team, know that the reason we seem so inquisitive about your company is because we truly want to learn any way possible to serve you better. Chances are if you humor us and take a little time to answer inquiring minds, we’ll come back with a solution to enhance your processes, possibly saving money, but always improving the quality of our service. Thanks for your business!