Trinity is different from other top logistics companies because we have decades of experience providing freight shipping services around the world. As we’ve grown, we’ve helped our customers grow their businesses using our hands-on experience in logistics. We have a dedication to stellar service and integrity hard to find in 3PL companies. Trinity is more than logistics – we’re truly a partner in making your business the best it can be.

Process evaluation

We’ll thoroughly analyze your supply chain, helping you identify areas that need work and showing you how to improve your efficiency.

Cost analysis

We’ll analyze your inbound and outbound freight costs to determine if you are overspending. (This usually leads to a process evaluation, too!)

RFP administration

We’ll organize your RFP, distribute the RFP to carriers, and analyze the returned rates in order to award your lanes to the appropriate carriers, based on your list of criteria.

LTL rate negotiation

We’ll use a sampling of your freight data, including commodities and lanes, and present this information to a select group of LTL carriers in order to secure discounts on shipping costs that are then applied to your freight.

Carrier compliance audit

We’ll identify if your core carrier base is up-to-date on insurance, has a favorable CSA score, and if they have any major issues you should be concerned about.

Strategic site evaluations

We’ll analyze your supply chain to determine if your warehousing and distribution centers are ideally located in relation to your imports, production facilities, and customer locations.

Shipment optimization & consolidation

We’ll evaluate your upcoming freight moves and combine orders to create multi-leg shipments for efficiency and cost savings.

Supply chain optimization

We’ll do a complete and detailed analysis of your supply chain and implement the solutions we discover. This could involve an endless variety of things, due to the custom nature of the process, but the end goal is the same no matter what – to streamline your transportation processes, saving you time and money. When you work with a team that has your objectives front and center, 3PLs are a fresh set of eyes with the experience to create innovative, high-value solutions.


If you’re looking for warehousing space, we have strategic partnerships with warehouses all over the world. Based on your specific requirements, we’ll help you find a warehousing solution that’s a perfect fit for your needs.


We’ll arrange the routing of your parcel shipments. We can also assist you in the negotiation of parcel rates!

Strategic partnerships for contracted hauls

Taking advantage of our expansive carrier base, we will find dedicated and reliable carrier partners for your regular and consistent freight moves. By developing relationships with dedicated carriers, you’ll likely be rewarded with lower rates. As specialists in logistics outsourcing, you can trust us to find reliable partners who will be a good long-term solution.

Reverse logistics

When damaged shipments or unexpected plot twists interrupt the flow of your supply chain, we’ll help you get things back to where they need to be – wherever that is!

On-site freight management

We’ll send a member of our team to work right by your side, at your physical location, for as long as you need – 100% dedicated to managing your supply chain.

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