Transportation management software (TMS) is a software program that empowers your company to manage your entire supply chain, including your internal logistics department, suppliers, warehouses, carriers, and vendors.

Maybe you’re experiencing an influx of growth and need help scaling your logistics to meet increased demand. Perhaps there’s only one person at your company who understands your logistics process, and you’re worried what will happen once they’re gone. Maybe you’re drowning in paperwork and have a paper map with push pins and yarn that serves as your shipment routing tracker. Perhaps you’re seeking better visibility of your supply chain to improve customer service. No matter the size of your business or your current predicament, implementing a TMS would likely be a smart move for your supply chain.

Because we understand your needs are unique, we offer a tiered approach with three different levels of pricing and features. Our goal is to make this incredibly valuable software available to any business.

Some of the benefits of implementing a TMS include:


As your company grows, you’re often forced to make a tough decision – either spend time adjusting your current processes, or hire more help to handle the additional workload. By using our transportation management software, you can manage your growth without increasing headcount. We’ll analyze your manual process and identify what could be automated through our TMS, allowing you to get more work done in less time.


Every company has its own unique operation and deserves a tailored approach. There is no one-size-fits-all. We’ll always customize our services and our software to fit your particular supply chain’s needs. When you implement our TMS, you can have peace of mind, because you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing the system. It’s flexible enough to grow and evolve with your company.

Shipment Optimization

When you use our TMS, all of your inbound and outbound orders are visible in one place. This creates a bird’s eye view of your entire process. Within seconds, the software can analyze all possible combinations of your shipments to deliver optimal recommendations for consolidation and routing. When possible, shipments can be combined into multi-pick or multi-stop loads to save money and reduce congestion on your docks.


The right piece of information can shed light on any situation. We put the knowledge in your hands to highlight your successes and uncover opportunities for growth and cost savings. Our TMS will offer you an array of dynamic reports, and our team can build custom transportation reports based on your own unique criteria so you can measure exactly what’s important to your business.


With our transportation management software, your shipping partners will have the ability to view real-time shipping information from anywhere. We’ll provide your carriers, transportation managers, vendors, customer service team, and sales representatives with their own unique log-in. From there, it’s instant visibility – for rates, tracking, consolidation details, estimated arrivals, and more.

Systems Integration

We can integrate our TMS with your ERP (enterprise resource planning) system or accounting system, whether it was purchased from a vendor or custom-built by your IT department. By integrating our software with your ERP, accounting system, and your carriers’ tracking systems, many of your manual daily processes can be automated.


We’ll perform a thorough analysis of your logistics operation in order to recommend the most appropriate carrier procurement solution. With our TMS, you’ll have access to a wide range of carrier rating, selecting, and tendering processes. You’ll also be able to easily manage and add to your carrier base, no matter how large or small.

Freight Audit

With our transportation management software, you’ll have the power to quickly and easily edit your freight invoices for accuracy. By automatically approving matching invoices, you’ll have the ability to manage by exception, rather than spending countless hours comparing your rated and invoiced amounts, searching for discrepancies.

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