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Less Than Truckload Shipping


Can’t fill a truck? If your freight doesn’t need a full truck, we have the less than truckload (LTL) shipping solutions you need. Utilize our LTL shipping services, live track your freight and delivery, and better manage your inventory with our free LTL software.


We’re here to support you. Meet rising customer demands to deliver your freight quickly without sacrificing quality or driving up costs. Rely on our expert LTL Operations Team to drive efficiencies for your LTL shipments, from quoting through delivery. 


Trinity’s LTL shipping service helps you get your freight moving cost-effectively by leveraging our LTL shipping volume, and our extensive motor carrier network, we can provide you with lower LTL shipping rates for smaller freight consisting of 1 – 10 pallets of either dry or temperature-controlled products. 

We offer a wide range of additional service options such as residential delivery, liftgate, guaranteed freight, and inside pick-up or delivery.

Never worry as to whether you’re paying the right amount. We take care of exception management and freight bill auditing. 

Worried about potential claims? Should they happen, we have an in-house Claims Team available to assist. 

Yes, we said FREE. Track your LTL freight with real-time updates, find robust load reporting to maximize your LTL shipments, request effortless LTL freight quotes (that you can run yourself should you prefer to), and take advantage of the LTL TMS or WMS integration available. 

Save on LTL freight costs, better protect yourself from motor carrier general rate increases (GRI’s), reduce dock congestion, provide better service, and more with our Customer-Specific pricing for your LTL shipments. 

Our Team follows what’s going on in the freight market and your industry, actively participating in relevant organizations, webinars, and conferences to bring you the best value. We do more than help arrange your LTL shipments – we’re committed to seeing your business succeed and proactively keep you aware of any industry or market changes that may affect you. 

We understand your supply chain never sleeps. That’s why we have a dedicated After-Hours Team to continue the monitoring of your freight and ready to quickly resolve any potential challenges, no matter the time of night, holidays, and every weekend. 


You can leverage our large volume of LTL shipments, which means we pass on our lower rates directly to your company. You also get a fully operational service. We handle everything from the pick-up to delivery and should an issue arise, our LTL Team will handle that too.

LTL shipments are usually between 1-10 pallets that do not require a full 48’ or 53’ trailer and the shipment weight is not usually above 15,000 pounds. The product can be dry, or temperature controlled.

Looking to learn more? Download our free whitepaper on LTL freight.

We do! Refrigerated LTL is a unique service Trinity Logistics provides and is subject to additional requirements that dry good shipments are not. Our Team may need to ask additional questions to get your freight moving.

Yes! Trinity works with a large network of carriers, which means we can provide multiple options and low rates to have your product picked up or delivered right from the trailer.

LTL accessorial charges are an extra charge billed on LTL shipments for any additional services required to handle the freight. 

To learn more about LTL accessorial charges, check out our free guide.

Learn how Trinity’s LTL shipping service and access to technology aided MW Supply.

Check out this free case study

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