The Perks of Hauling for a 3PL


The Perks of Hauling for a 3PL

Your job as a motor carrier is already tough. So why do all your work alone? Working alongside a third-party logistics company (3PL) can offer many benefits to you as a motor carrier.

Quickpay Options

You don’t want to wait for your money for your work, nor do you want to pay an arm and a leg for it. We offer you Quickpay options at reasonable rates, so you can have your pay in your account quick and at little cost to you.

Stay Up-To-Date On Regulations

The transportation industry is always changing. Working with a 3PL gives you a benefit because you will be kept in the know of upcoming industry changes or trends. You can count on them to let you know if you need to update something to keep hauling with them, which can help keep you hauling a lot more loads.

Recognition And Awards

Working on your own has its own perks but giving a pat on your own back is not quite as satisfying as someone else recognizing your hard work and dedication. At Trinity Logistics, we want you to feel appreciated. Annual Top 100 Carrier Awards, Monthly New Carrier Relationship Awards, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week events, and Woman Truck Driver of the Quarter Awards are some of the things we do to say THANK YOU.

Gain Access To Their Technology

Technology drives efficiency, but it is also expensive. You can gain access to a 3PL’s technology on their shipments, driving efficiency in your own work without the extra cost. For example, when hauling a shipment with Trinity, you are given the option of using Trucker Tools or Four Kites for tracking and tracing on your shipments. How does this help you? Real-time updates and estimated time of arrival means you receive less check-in calls and emails. This gives your drivers less stress over the check-ins and more focus on the task at hand; driving to the destination safely.


You want to be more than a number or another driver to whom you’re hauling for. Trinity Logistics’ tagline is “People-Centric Freight Solutions” because the company is built on people and its relationships. When signing up to be part of our carrier network, you are signing up for the opportunity to a new relationship. As you work with us, you will build a relationship with one of our Logistics Specialists. This means you’ll work alongside someone who will ask how your day is, how your family is doing, and be understanding when those tough times happen. We work with you to match your unique needs and get you where you need to go, especially if that haul is back to your home.

Open Up Doors

New business or certain lanes can be hard to find. Working with a 3PL can open up the doors to that new business or lane you are looking for. Since 3PLs have many customer relationships, they can help you find opportunities with a larger shippers’ freight or a specific lane you’ve been wanting to travel. You can have the work you are looking for ready and available to you.

One of the best upcoming events to learn more about your available benefits when working with a 3PL is the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky from March 26-28th. Three full days of networking, education, demonstrations, and technology geared towards motor carriers. You can connect with Trinity Logistics at booth #620296 at MATS to learn more about the benefits you can gain with us. We’ll also be exhibiting at the Salute to Women Behind the Wheel held by Women In Trucking during MATS. You can find us at booth #304 at the even from 4-6pm March 27th.

Our carrier network means a lot to us, because our carriers are our customers, too.

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AUTHOR: Christine Griffith