Time to Fall in Love with Transportation Management Systems (TMS)


Time to Fall in Love with Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Even though many shippers are experiencing a volatile start to 2018, consumer expectations remain higher than ever. As supply chains continue to grow increasingly complex, many are left searching for new and creative ways to continue to meet customer demand without breaking the bank.
A Transportation Management System (TMS) is one possible solution to help shippers meet these challenges head on.


A TMS gives shippers the tools and capabilities needed in today’s complex world of logistics. Leveraging technology and automation helps best manage supply chain processes through the ups and downs of any market. However in times of tight capacity and increasing rates, the benefits gained prove even more vital.
TMS shippers experience increased:

  • CONTROL – a more consistent and controlled logistical approach helps combat fluctuations in carrier pricing and performance. A TMS can standardize execution processes such as carrier selection, rating, and procurement. This takes the “guesswork” out of the equation. All logistics functions are defined and performed according to the standards set by management.
  • VISIBILITY – TMS shippers manage their days by exception. Rather than relying on countless emails, check calls, spreadsheets, and manual reports, the information stakeholders need to perform their job duties is displayed right on their dashboard. Any shipment tracking, consolidation tools, and business intelligence reporting is all available at their fingertips.
  • SAVINGS– most industry publications estimate that TMS shippers save 6 to 10 percent in shipping costs. TMS achieves these savings based on process enforcement, visibility, analytics, and optimization.
  • PERFORMANCE – More efficient workflow reduces errors, mitigates risk, and enables shippers to make better decisions, FASTER. Time is money!

*With technology and automation doing much of the heavy lifting, a TMS shipper allocates their time and resources to the proactive tasks that drive their business forward.

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