Top Quarterly Blogs: Chemical Industry


Top Quarterly Blogs: Chemical Industry

Our quarterly industry focus was on the chemical industry. We researched your current challenges in logistics and found solutions. Out of all the blogs posted, these four were our most read. If you missed out on reading any of them, simply click on the headlines below!

Tanker Endorsement Regulations: Are You Driving Illegally?

The information that has been published about tanker endorsements is fairly vague, so we’d like to set some facts straight to help you ensure that you’re hauling your liquid or gaseous freight legally.

Shipping Hazmat? Here’s What You Need to Know

Read more to find out how to can save time, money, and headaches when it comes to shipping hazmat.

Shipping Chemicals: Choosing a 3PL That is Responsible

Choosing a 3PL that is part of the Responsible Care® program can be a benefit to your company, especially when shipping chemicals. Not sure what Responsible Care® is and why it’s beneficial to work with a logistics provider that is certified? Read more to find out.

Chemical Shipping & Storage: What You Need to Know

What could happen if chemicals aren’t stored and shipped properly? Read more about what could happen and what you need to know in our blog.

If you’re in the chemical industry and are looking to simplify your logistics, look no further!
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