Trinity Launches New Customized Logistics Division


Trinity Launches New Customized Logistics Division

Trinity Transport, Inc., a third-party logistics supplier of transportation solutions, announced a new service division to serve shippers in various industries from retail to manufacturing.

Trinity Customized Logistics (TCL) was initially launched in response to Trinity’s client freight management needs, and has been extended to prospective new customers in need of a more tailored cost-savings approach.

“Our shippers needed to find methods to improve their processes in order to reduce logistics costs to offset the downturn in the economy. Clients were looking for solutions, and by pairing our customized support approach with leading transportation management software, Trinity created opportunities for operational savings between 10-30% of overhead expenses,” shared Amy Proctor, Director of Logistics Sales for TCL.

Trinity Customized Logistics is made up of a team of experienced Trinity team members that leverages over thirty years of experience in the industry with a web-based transportation management system. Unlike other TMS solutions, Trinity is unique in that it offers complete support for its software, while other systems require large capital expenditures to simply purchase stand-alone technology.

Jeff Banning, CEO and President of Trinity Transport, Inc., summarized what makes the new division so beneficial. “TCL is an optimal solution for shippers that are looking for ways to enhance visibility and reporting while taking advantage of cost savings from automation, optimization, and other solutions created by our team. We can be as involved or as hands-off as the client would like, but the goal is to lend our experience and recommendations to increase their profit margins, bottom line.”