“We don’t use brokers!”: The Broker Misconception


“We don’t use brokers!”: The Broker Misconception

Trinity Logistics is more than a freight broker. We’re a full-service freight solutions logistics service provider. Our services include arranging truckload, LTL, intermodal, and international shipments, as well as freight management services and transportation management software… the list goes on. Over the past years, we have truly grown into one of the top 3PL companies.

Still, there remains some confusion surrounding the term “freight broker.” Because we’re non-asset based, can Trinity be lumped into the same category as seedy freight brokers with bad business practices who have given the freight brokerage industry a bad name? Certainly not. Working with us means more peace of mind for you, not less.

Often, shippers will be quick to dismiss the idea of using a “broker” because they think it means a loss of control over their shipments. At Trinity, your shipment is under constant watch. Unlike other providers, we are the ones who actually talk to the carriers. We ensure we know the status of the load at all times. That eliminates 80% of the potential problems that can occur when using a 3PL company, and the other 20% is eliminated because of our strict policy that carriers do not make the pickup and delivery appointments for the shipments. We don’t “hand over” the load for someone else to monitor – we monitor the load ourselves. Within a few moments, we can discover where your load is at any given time.

We’re consistently ranked one of the top 25 players in our industry every year by Transport Topics. We’re been in operation since 1979 and have the highest regard for both our customers and contracted carriers. We work closely with many large corporations in the United States, like Pizza Blends, Stop & Shop, Kelly Moore, and B&G Foods.

Some shippers really just prefer to work with an asset-based company. It’s true that we don’t have our own trucks and trailers… but we do pride ourselves in the assets we have, like our people and the relationships we’ve forged over time with our network of over 20,000 carriers. Did you know that many asset-based companies often broker out a portion of their customers’ freight if they “run out” of their own equipment? During truck shortages, when trucks are tight, it’s likely that the actual carrier moving your truckload freight is not the same one you contracted. Also, many carriers limit the states they run to, and are not permitted to run into some areas that you may need. Using a logistics freight solutions provider like Trinity means you can “have your pick of the litter” and find any type of equipment for any type of lane you need to run.

Of course, due to the bad apples out there, another typical concern about going with a 3PL  is getting scammed and having to pay the freight bill twice (once to the broker, and again to the carrier after they don’t receive payment from the broker.) As a logistics provider, we are required to carry a surety bond. By law, we are only required to have a $10,000 bond, but ours is $250,000 – the highest possible. This is the guarantee to the customer and shipper of our responsibility to pay the carrier. Once you pay Trinity, your obligation ends there.

Hopefully these factoids help clear your mind and dispel that “freight broker” myth. If you still have questions about our business, you can always reach us by phone at 800-TRINITY or by chat! We can’t wait to start working with you.