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Join One of the Best Freight Agent programs

Upon joining our network, Authorized Freight Agents with Trinity have had proven success and growth, on average seeing over a 50 percent increase in their businesses over their first two years with us. 

*One year of freight broker agent experience is preferred*


Are you looking for a third-party logistics (3PL) company with a top Freight Agent program to take your business to the next level? Trinity Logistics is actively looking for experienced Freight Agents who wish to find a long-term partnership and see their business succeed. 

With over 30 years of experience in aiding in the success of Freight Agents, we can support you like no other 3PL can.

the trinity experience

Trinity has been recognized many times as a Top Freight Brokerage for 20 years, is a member of industry organizations like the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) and Responsible Care, participates in many industry events and tradeshows, is part of the Burris Logistics family, and has a full Marketing Team to help expand our brand outreach. 

As a Trinity Freight Agent, you won’t be just another numbered cog in the machine. We have a dedicated Agent Support Team with over 50 years of transportation experience for Agent Offices of all sizes, here to support YOU.  They look forward to connecting and growing a strong relationship with you and working with you on your business goals so you can thrive. 

Trinity has an in-house Education Team that provides you with many opportunities to continue your education on business strategy, industries, modes, sales, and other skill sets you may need. 

Trinity Logistics offers many modes of shipping to our customers, including truckload, less-than-truckload, expedited, international, drayage, intermodal, warehousing, and full logistics management services with a transportation management system. Not experienced in one of those modes? Not to worry, as we have a Team of experts here to assist you!

Trinity Logistics’ Freight Agent Program gets you back to doing what you do best; serving your customers while receiving world-class support that puts you ahead of the competition. We’ll take care of all your non-revenue generating tasks like vetting and paying carriers, billing customers, credit checks, or claims paperwork. 

At Trinity, we aim for efficiency. You can trust that new carrier set ups will be turned around in an hour, carriers are offered QuickPay options, and most importantly, once a shipment is delivered, we don’t make you wait for your commission. 

At Trinity Logistics we love to celebrate, and that includes our Freight Agent Offices. Our Freight Broker Agents are like family to us, and so we celebrate and show our appreciation through many ways such as recognizing our Platinum Agents, sending gifts, sharing Trinity swag, and setting aside an Annual Agent Appreciation Day! 

It’s important to work with a 3PL partner that has strong relationships with their carrier network and a solid reputation among the carrier community. Trinity’s people-centric service means we’re committed to serving our carrier network just as we do our shipper customers – with our best-in-class service. We work to support our carrier relationships to aid in their business success, meaning many of them look to Trinity as their main source of work.

Check out this carrier case study to see proof of Trinity’s best-in-class service. 

To learn more about encountering the Trinity Experience firsthand, contact Trinity’s Agent Support Team by calling 800-846-3400 ext. 1908

or via email,

*One year of freight broker agent experience is preferred*


After joining our Freight Agent Network, you’ll have access to a dedicated Agent Support Team. They assist with business efficiency, business development and growth, and encouragement.

Additionally, you’ll have full Administrative Support that handles non-revenue generating activities that include claims management, customer service, carrier payables, credit approval, billing, and more.

Trinity’s in-house Education Team provides opportunities for you to continue your education on business strategy, industries, modes, sales, and other skill sets. Monthly classes are held virtually to increase your sales skills and introduce you to the technologies Trinity uses. As a Trinity Logistics Freight Agent, you’ll receive daily, weekly, and monthly email updates with important company and industry news. Additionally, Trinity publishes a monthly Freight Market Update for you to use and share with your customers.

Yes. Trinity is dedicated to developing and providing technology that serves our customers, carriers, Team Members, and Authorized Agents. You will have access to technology such as our proprietary CRM, Customer Portal, pricing tools, and an LTL rating tool to increase your efficiency and transparency for your customers. We even have our own Freight Agent App so you can stay updated on your business on the go! 

Yes. A minimum of one year in the transportation industry is required. There are multiple other factors as well that will determine whether an agency relationship is the right step for your business. If you are a current agent or have a book of business already, we would love to hear from you.

By joining our Freight Agent Network, you’ll access the brand recognition and reputation of Trinity Logistics, a Burris Logistics Company, through robust marketing and social media management. Your customers and carriers, whether current or prospects, will know you are aligned with the best in the industry.

You will also have access to subject matter experts and operations support in modes including LTL, Expedited, International, Intermodal, and more to fully service your customers regardless of your current experience level.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things is that we offer a number of networking opportunities through office visits, conferences, web calls, and other programs, allowing you to connect with your Agent Support Team and other Authorized Agents.

We are always looking to partner with great freight agents! If you’re looking for one of the best freight agent companies to partner with and have at least one year of experience in transportation, then please connect by calling Trinity’s Agent Support Team at 800-846-3400 ext. 1908 to get started. 



“It was kind of overwhelming when I first came over to Trinity as an Authorized Agent. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little bit intimidated when I would talk on the phone with anyone from Corporate. But then I met Ms. Karen who put my mind at ease.

We would talk about any problems I was facing and she would help me find a way to solve them. Early on, Ms. Karen told me about the other people on the Agent Support Team and how they all get down to business. Soon enough, I was able to meet all of them over the phone. They are all so cool and down to earth but also take their roles seriously.

Finally, when we were able to meet in person at an Agent Conference in Arizona. They weren’t any different! They are the most caring and loving people. Their personalities matched exactly what I was used to hearing over the phone. A very awesome group of people that really want you to succeed in your business. They’re also good for a laugh; one of them called me by the wrong name but we won’t say who! It’s now a standing joke. The Agent Support Team is incredible. These ladies and gentlemen do their job and they do it with GREATNESS! I love all of them. They are so great to work with.”

-Art M., Trinity Authorized Agent


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