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Do you find your industry’s logistics complicated? Providing you with third-party logistics (3PL) solutions so you can focus on growing your business is what Trinity Logistics does best. With more than 40 years in business, we’ve handled our fair share of complicated situations and have shipping experts ready to assist you with your business needs. 

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Whether perishable product transportation, healthcare logistics, chemical shipping, industrial logistics, and everything in between, you’ll find creative, custom, People-Centric solutions built to serve your industry’s unique needs.


If you need a third-party logistics (3PL) company with extensive experience in shipping food and beverages to ensure the safety and freshness of your products, we’re here to help. Trinity Logistics works with thousands of shippers in the food and beverage industry, making us well-versed in its requirements and regulations.

Whether you need freight transport for your dry or temperature-controlled food shipping or beverage logistics, dry and cold storage, or multi-drop loads to different customers, we can meet your unique needs using our strong carrier relationships, our connection with Burris Logistics, our Team of knowledgeable logistics experts, real-time visibility through technology tools, our nationwide presence, and what we’re most know for: our exceptional People-Centric Customer Service. 

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Make your chemical shipping seamless.

Whether you need help with transporting hazardous materials or dangerous goods, or have chemical products that are non-hazardous, our dedicated and knowledgeable Team will take your chemical logistics from complicated to effortless. 

Trinity Logistics has worked with chemical companies of all sizes. We’re a trusted partner helping chemical companies better navigate their complex supply chains. We’re well-versed in the industry, its regulations, and can help you find a quality carrier for your shipment or offer improved visibility through our customized technology solutions. Trinity Logistics is committed to serving the chemical industry and has been a Responsible Careâ Partner since 2009. 

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Are you looking for a 3PL with experience in more complex flatbed shipping, like heavy haul, oversized loads, or heavy equipment hauling?

Whether you simply need a flatbed or have freight that needs more attention, many shippers in the construction and manufacturing industries look to Trinity Logistics for help with their open deck shipping needs. 

We’re well-versed in the industry, its intricate regulations for oversized and overweight shipments, and can help you find a quality carrier with our large network offering you the capacity you need to ship all sorts of flatbed freight. 

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Looking for industrial logistics, healthcare logistics, energy logistics, or anything else that doesn’t quite fit within the refrigerated, hazmat, and flatbed market? No problem! We also work with paper and packaging, manufacturing, consumer goods and appliances, and hemp industries, to name a few. No matter what product you make, and need shipped, you stay focused on making it great and we’ll arrange to get it where it needs to be safely, efficiently, and on time. 

Other Industries We’ve Supported With Our 3PL Solutions

  • Paper and Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Appliances
  • Hemp
  • Durable Goods
  • Healthcare and Medical Products or Equipment
  • Building Material Products
  • Energy transportation
  • Professional services
  • Technology and electronics
  • Floral

Shipping Experts Ready To Serve You

No matter what industry your business is in, you face supply chain challenges like material shortages, tightened capacity, supply chain bottlenecks or congestion, growing sustainability efforts, or increased logistics regulations. We understand that you need a 3PL provider you can count on that understands the nuances of your industry and can help you overcome the market challenges you face. 

Connect with one of our logistics experts today so you can experience Trinity Experience. Learn how we can help improve your supply chain and see your business succeed. 

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