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Looking for a 3PL with experience in Heavy Haul who communicates effectively regarding your high touch freight? We can help.


Building, lumber, and construction industries can face some unique challenges when shipping materials or products. You have to worry about having the proper carrier equipment, safety banners, state regulations, pilot cars, routes, and more. We know that your industry’s shipments do not come one-size-fits-all. 

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to discern what can and cannot be shipped over the road and how to ship it. We understand that your freight comes with pretty intense legal requirements and may call for specialized equipment. We’ve developed an incredible strength in arranging shipments for all sorts of supplies related to building and construction.

Choosing Trinity Logistics as your 3PL provider when it comes to your Heavy Haul shipments, gives you the benefit of:

  • A large network of specialized carriers that are able to execute a wide range of Heavy haul and Over-Dimensional shipments,
  • A provider with the understanding of current rules and laws, both federally and state by state
  • Extremely high levels of communication for your high touch Over-Dimensional and Heavy Haul freight
  • Project management and planning


Heavy haul or Over-dimensional shipments are ones that exceed the standard legal limitations for transporting freight over the road. The federal government requires each state to set their own regulations for Over-dimensional shipments, but they are often classified as cargo that exceeds a:

  • Width of 8.6 feet
  • Height of 13.6 feet
  • Length of 48 to 53 feet
  • Gross weight of 80,000 pounds

Our expert team will ask a few questions about your freight and shipping requirements to determine how we can best service your company and arrange the equipment your product needs. 

We’ll just ask for the weight, dimensions, and delivery window to find the right fit for you.

Most likely it can and we can find a way to arrange the shipment. Our expert team will ask you some questions about your freight and shipping requirements to best determine how we can help you.

We have a vetted network of over 70,000 carriers with many different types of equipment. Our logistics consultants have considerable expertise, allowing us to build great relationships with many carriers able to execute Heavy Haul and Over-Dimensional shipments.


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