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Managed Services

Gain control and visibility to your supply chain, reduce costs, improve performance, and eliminate manual processes with Trinity’s Managed Services. 

Our combination of experienced account management and best-in-class technology delivers a customized solution to help your company achieve your unique supply chain goals.


A Transportation Management System (TMS) is a software program that allows you to manage your entire supply chain, including your internal logistics department, suppliers, warehouses, carriers, vendors, etc.


Order Entry

  • Manual approach facilitated by shipment templates
  • Your dedicated Account Manager can enter these on your behalf
  • Can be imported via batch loader (.xls, .csv)
  • Automated approach
  • Shipments imported via integration
  • Multiple file formats supported (see “System Integration”)


  • Manual approach facilitated by shipment templates
  • Your dedicated Account Manager can enter these on your behalf
  • Can be imported via batch loader (.xls, .csv)
  • Automated approach
  • Shipments imported via integration
  • Multiple file formats supported (see “System Integration”)
  • Customized tracking notifications can be sent to external partners (vendors, customers, carriers), and internal users (sales, customer service, warehouse)
  • Tracking automatically captured via multiple methods:
    • EDI
    • API
    • Integration with tracking vendors (MacroPoint, FourKites, TruckerTools)
  • Types:
    • Freight Volumes
    • Lane Analysis
    • Freight Spend
    • Exception Management
    • Carrier Performance
    • Rate/Tariff/RFP Analysis
    • Accessorial Breakdown
  • All about optimization
  • Multiple parameters can be considered to build multi-stop loads and consider optimal routing
  • Documents can be automatically captured via carrier’s API (BOL, POD, weight certificate, invoice)
  • Custom documents can be created to support your business (BOL, load tender, labels, quote requests, etc.)
  • Can be captured via integration with 3rd party vendors (HubTran)
  • Generated directly in TMS or transmitted via customized notifications
  • Trinity can handle your claims management by integration with MyEZClaim
  • Claim information can be captured directly in TMS
  • Trinity’s FA&P services:
    • Carrier contract management
    • Invoice reporting and analysis
    • Payment processing
    • Configurable cost allocations
  • Invoices can be captured in the TMS
    • TMS has capability to auto-approve matching invoices; exceptions easily reconciled by comparing invoice charges against contracted rate
    • Trinity handles payment on your behalf
  • Multiple file formats and transmission protocols supported
  • Ability to streamline transportation processes via API connection
  • Dedicated Trinity Team to support integration projects
    • Solution Architect
    • Software Engineer/Developer
    • IT support
    • Technical Account Manager
  • Our integrations with application providers:
    • JDA
    • Navision
    • Sage/MAS
    • Salesforce
    • Infor
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Oracle
  • Our integration partners:
    • Project44
    • PC Miler
    • MyEZClaim
    • DAT
    • SMC3
    • HubTran
    • FourKites
    • MacroPoint
    • Cleo
  • Rating supported by connection to carrier’s API
  • Contracts locally loaded into the TMS and maintained by your dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Auto-rating/tendering processes can be configured
  • Routing guide
    • Can select carriers based on cost, service, transit days, etc.
    • Supports allocations (carrier A gets 50% of the lane, carrier B gets 50%)
  • Tendering
    • Can setup carriers with customized emailed load tender document

The Trinity Experience

There’s no need to worry about an out-of-the-box solution that will have too many or not enough features to support your business, our system is highly configurable. If you’re looking for Saas (software as a service), Managed TMS, a full Integrated Outsource, or something in between, we’ll do a deep dive into your supply chain and work with you to design a solution unique to your business needs.


  • Tech, Support, & Account Management
  • Gain efficiency, visibility, & predictability

Managed TMS

  • Offload day-to-day processes
  • TMS + Operational Support

Integrated Outsource TMS

  • Fully Managed Transportation Solution
  • Outsourced logistics team/integrated partnership

Our model is focused on continuous improvement for your supply chain. From implementation to go-live and beyond, our dedicated team is here to ensure your solution meets your tactical and strategic requirements.

Your Account Support Includes:

  • A dedicated technical account manager that’s specifically assigned to your account
  • Quarterly Business Reviews to enhance efficiency and evaluate what can be done to escalate growth
  • Identifying any business challenges and new opportunities
  • Growing with you and addressing marketing changes

With Trinity’s Managed Services, you get more than just a tech provider. You get best-in-class technology backed by superusers with logistics expertise. We can provide valuable insights to help your business and provide access to capacity with our network of 70,000 carriers.

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“We've been working with Trinity for two to three years now. Trinity has added value where reliability is a priority for me. They've been able to offer us consistent, reliable service with a proactive approach to resolving operational issues so that they do not repeat themselves. Trinity has been a breath of fresh air for me and my operation. I've been around long enough to know that things can happen; some able to be avoided and others not. My relationship with Keith Whitehead at Trinity is as good as it gets. He's always brutally honest with me and that carries immeasurable value to what I require for a sustainable, long-term working relationship. If everyone in your organization is like Keith, then undoubtedly, many other customers share the same opinion. I highly recommend Trinity to anyone seeking honest and reliable logistics or transportation service.”

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Glenn Nicholson

Transportation Manager, Saputo Cheese USA/Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC

“The team at Trinity is fantastic and they're good at what they do. They genuinely care about relationships and invest both time and energy into knowing the unique needs of each client. Anyone working with this team will feel well supported, professionally managed and even enjoy a lot of laughs along the way.”

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Lisa Sutton

COO of Icon Meals in Farmers Branch

“We have had tremendous growth over the last 3-4 years. This would not have been possible without the level of service and expertise Trinity Logistics provides. They are a true strategic partner in a very dynamic environment.”

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Travis Lawson

Albaugh LLC, Production Manager