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Thank You

for being the Heart of the Truck.

It seems the supply chain has been hit with challenge after challenge. From the height of the pandemic to meeting increasing demand, truck drivers have had to keep moving forward now more than ever. 

We know you’re probably tired and ready for a break, and we’d like to help. Just like last year, we’re holding a drawing for truck drivers, offering 10 winners a cash prize towards their truck payment. But, this year, the prizes are bigger. Instead of cash prizes up to $750, this time we’re giving prizes up to $1,500.

This year, we’re also partnering with Red Classic Maintenance Services to give away preventative maintenance services valued at up to $450 to three additional winners! The entry form will open on September 13th, 2021.

Rules & Conditions:

  • Information submitted below will solely be used for this drawing. Your information will not be utilized in any other manner.
  • ALL Commercial Drivers license holders currently working are allowed to enter. It does not matter whether you are an owner/operator, drive for a small fleet, or are a company driver for a big fleet.
  • There is no cost to enter, simply fill out the form below!
  • Only one entry per person.
  • To qualify, you must provide your carrier MC# or DOT# if intra-state. 
  • To qualify, and if in our carrier network, you must be in good standings with Trinity to receive a prize.
  • Form entries will open at 9 AM EST on September 13th, 2021, and close at 5 PM EST on September 30th, 2021.
  • Trinity will award funds towards your truck payment, up to $1,500.
  • Winning prizes will be mailed or presented in person, via check.
  • Winners agree to allow Trinity to share their name, company, and likeness announced online after the drawing.
  • If you are Truckers Against Trafficking certified, you automatically receive two entries into the drawing. Want to get certified? Visit Truckers Against Trafficking.
  • Red Classic Maintenance Services awards include a full standard wet preventative maintenance with lubricant and filter and a full Leve 1 DOT inspection standard. Trinity will authorize a work order to this amount upon notification of the unit number and location and date.

The 2021 Truck Payment Drawing is closed. Thank you to those who entered this year!

The 2021 Truck Payment Winners Are:

  1. Aleksey Kramar of Opal Express Inc
  2. Mukesh Bali of M&D Logistics LLC
  3. Yaimel Izquierdo of Evy Izquierdo LLC
  4. Michael Anderson of Anderson & Sons Transportation LLC
  5. Bridget Hollis of Bridget R Terry-Hollis
  6. Lester Delgado of Taino Logistics LLC
  7. Luis Cantu of LC Empire Trucking LLC
  8. Leticia Guzman of Express Freight Haulers LLC
  9. Marth Angarita of A Dream Transport LLC
  10. Willima Bludworth of Beeline Hotshot Service LLC

The 2021 Red Classic Preventative Winners Are:

  1. Mark Granville of Granville Logistics LLC
  2. David Aguilar of David Araiza Aguilar
  3. Anthony Liso of Father Freight Ways LLC

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